The Malta Independent 3 August 2020, Monday

Chamber of Commerce not against mass events as long as they are organised ‘in a responsible fashion’

Monday, 27 July 2020, 17:41 Last update: about 7 days ago

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry has said that it is not against mass events as long as they are organised “in a responsible fashion”.

“The Malta Chamber is not against the organisation of mass events, as long as these are organised in a responsible fashion and are able to manage responsible crowds, taking into consideration all safeguards and mitigation measures of social distancing and hygiene”, the Chamber said.

“Short of that, such events should be called off.  Events attracting a foreign crowd that derive from higher risk jurisdictions cannot be approved unconditionally”, they said.


The statement on Monday afternoon comes after a spike in Covid-19 cases in Malta in recent days, with a group of 16 cases deriving from a weekend-long party just over a week ago. Another case was also found to have attended the Santa Venera village feast last Wednesday and Thursday.

This has given rise to calls for mass events to be banned, with the Medical Association of Malta, the Malta Employers’ Association, and the College of Pathologists all calling for this to happen.

The Chamber however has taken a slightly different approach, appealing for “closer communication and collaboration between the health authorities and organisers of public events to ensure that these can take place without unnecessary risk to the physical health and future economic prospects of the country.”

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“The Malta Chamber believes that events of any kind should only be allowed to take place if the organisers together with the said authorities can guarantee that the necessary safeguards and control procedures are in place to ensure that the risk of spreading the virus is kept to an absolute minimum.”

The Chamber said that it is in active contact with players in the events and entertainment industries with a view to make further pronouncements over the coming days.

“The Malta Chamber recognises the hard work of our front-liners, the risks being managed by our business leaders (coupled with their hard work to redevelop the economy) and the hardship of our vulnerable and is thus compelled to once again call for a renewed and unwavering sense of responsibility by one and all”, the statement read.

“The cost of losing what we have all worked so hard for, over the past months, wildly out-weighs the gains of short-term profits.  Assisting our economic recovery sustainably and supporting the reopening of our schools after summer are priorities and we cannot allow one-off events to risk these objectives.”

“As The Malta Chamber always promoted a responsible move towards a better normality, this must come in a structured, mature and responsible fashion”, the Chamber concluded.

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