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The best way forward – Tesserati together with the General Council to elect the leader of the party

Tuesday, 28 July 2020, 06:40 Last update: about 6 days ago

Paula Mifsud Bonnici and Richard Muscat

There is no doubt that we all love the Partit Nazzjonalista and those that truly love the party will speak openly and clearly, hoping that better times are ahead.

The facts speak for themselves. The Partit Nazzjonalista is at a cross roads, disheartened and confused. There is however a way forward, a road that will lead us to a newly restored party. The question at this stage is whether we are able to recognize which road is the best one for the party before it is too late.


Time is not on our side – the situation is deteriorating fast

The writing is on the wall. One cannot wait for two years to recognize that something is not right, especially when the problems we are facing are staring us in the face and are becoming bigger and bigger.

The loss of the third seat in the European Parliament election evidenced a growing distance between the party of 43,000 votes; the loss of our majority in many local councils (we lost 49 from 68) this time with a distance of 47,000 votes, waning support for the party, and even less support for the leader of the party. The sum of these further erodes the support people once had in the party.  Possibly the biggest wake up call of all is the fact that this is happening at a time when the country is being run by a government which has been captured by corruption. In this scenario we should be sprinting ahead in the polls and not lagging behind at such a distance with an ever-widening gap.

In a recent survey, three quarters of the General Councillors admitted that they have lost all hope for the next election. The fact that the councillors, the beating heart of the Party, have lost all hope two years in advance is frightening. If we do not take action now, then the damage that we will suffer at the next election will be soul crushing. We are running out of time and need to act quickly and with determination and courage to pull the party away from this devastating fate.

The tesserati together with the councillors should be given the choice to elect the leader of the party

The road ahead is for the Partit Nazzjonalista to hold a leadership race. General Councillors are being called to vote upon this issue tomorrow and next Saturday. The party’s Executive Committee unanimously agreed to give the choice of leader to the councillors and to the party members (tesserati). The leader of the party has announced that should the councillors choose to go for a leadership election by the councillors and members, he will be contesting that election. Others have also shown an interest in contesting this election for leader of the party. It is evident that in a few weeks’ time there will be a strong line up of very valid candidates that are ready to serve and unite the party behind them. They are ready to work tirelessly to renew the party so as to ensure a convincing and strong choice for the country at the next election.

A clear and honest choice for us to have a party that represents us fully

The choice councillors have been given next Saturday is an important one. In a few years’ time councillors will be able to look back with satisfaction that they were able to recognize how important this vote is for the future of the party.

We all love the Partit Nazzjonalista which has always been at the forefront of all great achievements in Malta and Gozo. Let us walk down this road together with the strength and courage to reignite our Party and once again belong to a party we all deserve.


Paula Mifsud Bonnici and Richard Muscat are members of the PN’s General Council and members of the PN’s Executive Committee
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