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Watch: New leader should be able to unite party and lead it to victory – Chris Said

Saturday, 1 August 2020, 21:28 Last update: about 2 days ago

The Nationalist Party is today stronger than it was yesterday, because the general council has decided that the PN should elect “a new leader”, to bring to an end this difficult moment the party is going through.

There is no winner or loser after tonight’s vote, Chris Said said in a press conference on behalf of the majority of MPs who expressed no confidence in the leader. The only winner is the Nationalist Party which has the chance to elect a new leader, one that should be able to unite and organise the party, and lead it to victory.


He said that the current leader, Adrian Delia, should take the message that was given today by the council. After losing a confidence both in the parliamentary group and the executive committee, the general council today voted against the position he supported, Said said.

Even the choice of Delia’s new slogan for the leadership race, which is “A new way with new people”, is divisive, the Gozitan MP added.

The general council’s decision is clear and will open the way for all those who are interested in being of service to the party and the country.

Earlier, the General Council voted 56% to 44% in favour of holding a leadership election. Delia has confirmed he will contest the leadership race.

Said added that today’s vote was clear as 56 per cent of the councillors showed lack of confidence in Delia. He said that the current PN leader, if he loses the election, will be allowed to continue working as an MP as is his right.

The easiest way for us, Said added, was to break away from the party. But the intention was never to split the party, and it will not be in the future either. The intention behind the opposition created within the party is to save the party, strengthen it and put it in a position to win the election.

As things stand now, the party approaches an election knowing it will lose. This should not be the case. The PN should be in a position to be seen as an alternative government, Said added.

He added he was sure that in the coming days a number of valid people will come forward to contest the election. 

He mentioned no names, but made it clear that he has no interest himself in the post. 

After the vote of the paid-up members, we will remain loyal to the party and the country, he said.

Said is accompanied by MP Karol Aquilina and MZPD President Joe Grech.

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