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Opinion: The time is now

Adrian Delia Saturday, 1 August 2020, 07:18 Last update: about 5 months ago

We arrived at the apex of our struggle for the soul of the Nationalist Party, which we as Nationalists love so much. This party administration started its work with the hope of creating a New Way, not only in the way we do politics but also to strengthen our belief in this new way. It was clear it wasn’t going to be easy, and despite this new way of doing politics was embraced by the majority, it found the resistance of the few.


During the last three years under my leadership, Partit Nazzjonalista has undergone a great deal of reforms to make our party, a party of the people again. We kept the Labour Government under scrutiny on all the corrupt cases and the theft of people’s money. I filed lawsuits in Court against the Attorney General to get the full report on Egrant company, which I published, and filed a lawsuit for the Courts to declare void the contract of the three hospitals, in order to return them to the people.

We have put forward concrete proposals for the Constitutional reform and also a post-pandemic economic recovery plan. This is in addition to a political document, Soċjeta’ li Jimpurtaha, a serious political plan where I envision our country to arrive in the future, with full observance for the environment and life. We designed our policy for other important sectors such as the economy, the workers, sports, volunteering and the local councils.

In addition to this we strengthened the party, its organization, in finance and its media. This also includes marathons with record donations that lead to bettering finances to a sustainable basis. We approved a new statute for the party, after 45 years, in order to have the necessary tool for a more renewed PN and to engage in further dialogue with the people. We created the clusters, to have new voices with experienced people to strengthen the PN’s work plan, to face challenges and create more opportunities for all.

We have strengthened the participation of young people by introducing the annual training program Future Leaders, with more young people at the heart of the party’s work. It was another record year of party membership, the highest number of memberships in recent years and an organized plan to make the best use of the party properties and renovated clubs.

It is a known fact that despite all this work that has been done there has been resistance from within. One can imagine what greater work and how much more we would have achieved for the good of all if everyone in PN pulled the same rope. This is something I was not expecting because as Nationalists we should be together, behind our common values. I tried many times to create unity but for some the greed for power is leading to the destruction of all the hard work the party administration did to the same party they are supposed to represent.

This is the moment. We can restructure Partit Nazzjonalista with new faces, ready and prepared to work. Our party is calling us to stay united in front of those who want to divide it; together we can overcome this challenge and emerge victorious. I invite all PN Councillors to join me again at this stage of the journey, to persevere with all the good efforts and work that has been done, to strengthen the PN and to continue to grow as a party and move forward with a vision of hope for our country.

Adrian Delia is Opposition Leader and Nationalist Party Leader
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