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Tunisian fishing boats spotted in Maltese waters despite government saying AFM will enforce law

Monday, 7 September 2020, 12:50 Last update: about 2 years ago

Tunisian fishing boats have been spotted in Maltese waters despite the government stating that the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) will be surveilling the situation and enforcing the law a few weeks back.

This was pointed out by former Nationalist MEP candidate Peter Aguis in a Facebook post in which he expressed his disappointment at Minister of Fisheries Anton Refalo who, just over three weeks ago, said that the AFM will be surveilling Maltese waters to report any acts of poaching or plundering from Tunisian fishermen.


This situation has been reported multiple times over the years when lampuki season start rolling in, which the reason behind such disciplinary action being taken.

However, it seems that what was said could have been “just a scene for TV”, Aguis pointed out in his post with a picture of Tunisian fishing boat spotted in Maltese waters that Maltese fisherman captured this week.

Aguis questioned what the authorities are doing in this situation while pointing out that on two separate occasions, the Maltese fishermen called the AFM for help who, in turn, told them "we can't come now, file a report when you land".

“In conclusion, the solace that the government promised on this situation was just made for TV. We won’t solve anything by simply reporting,” the post read.

“I understand and know that the AFM have many commitments. I appeal, however, to the government to see that it keeps its word with fishermen, and I insist that it is fundamental to pass a message of deterrence anyone who is trying to rob us, as we are at the start of the season.”

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