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Mayors 'frustrated' over planning and development in Gozo

Friday, 16 October 2020, 18:19 Last update: about 9 months ago

Gozo mayors have highlighted their concern and discontent over development and planning in Gozo.

"During the last Meeting of the Gozo Region, the Mayors of each Gozitan Local Council aired their frustration for the umpteenth time," a statement by the Gozo Regional Council read.

This frustration was over "the shocking reports published in the local media, which unfortunately not only confirm their justified preoccupation, but also highlight the unprecedented problems that all localities in Gozo are confronting with the incessant number of development applications in urban areas being lodged by irresponsible land speculators."


"The granting of these development permits are not only ruining the aesthetics of the charming historic centres but also leading to the environmental and urban degradation of the village characteristics while creating unprecedented collateral social problems."

While the local councils within the Gozo Region expressed strong belief in the functioning of the competent institutions and authorities, all insisted that the Planning Authority ought to be more cautious when considering and evaluating any development application, especially those in urban centres. They said that the PA also has a moral and environmental obbligation to consider the justified raccomendations lodged by the respective local council in respect to each development application in the locality, and to ensure that any project development respects and preserves the urban characteristics of each and every locality in Gozo. 

"Thus, the President of the council and the Mayors of the Region of Gozo, while they advocate any sustainable development, insist that any development in Gozo cannot be evaluated in isolation but ought to be considered against policies that are drafted specifically to truly reflect the particularities of Gozo and in strict observance to the unique characteristics that define any urban centres."

The Gozo Regional Council is requesting a meeting with the Planning Authority for effective action.

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