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Vodafone Malta rebrands as ‘Epic’

Giulia Magri Tuesday, 17 November 2020, 10:35 Last update: about 2 years ago

Vodafone Malta will from now on be known as ‘epic’ after the telecommunications company announced a widespread re-branding on Tuesday.

With the trademark Vodafone red being replaced by a combination of yellow and black, epic promises a great network and great value. Earlier this year, Vodafone Malta was taken over by Monaco Telecom in April with a deal worth €250 million.

During the press conference, Epic’s Chief of Executive Officer Tamas Banyai explained that Epic launces a new era for the company, as well as for the country’s telecommunications. “Malta deserves a state of the art network and a telecommunications company which gives the customer great value,” said Banyai.


It was also revealed that the company will be releasing a new mobile app in order to pay bills and update mobile bundles as well.

“Great network together with great value” is the slogan which Epic goes by, as the brand promises to deliver an epic communications experience by bringing together two powerful features; a state-of-the-art network along with great value.

Banyai said that Vodafone’s position as Malta’s most recommended network and an international network is second to none as providing a strong and powerful foundation for the future.

Banyai introduced the four main pillars of change which will be tariffs, infrastructure, and service portfolio expansion and customer experience.

Customers are to benefit from an enhanced network of 175 partners across the world, providing 4.5G access to Epic customers abroad.

Epic announced a ‘game changing’ tariff change, where the first time in Malta, access to unlimited tariffs is no longer bound to a 24 month contract. Top-up offers will include double the call, SMS and data versus similar packages from other operators at the same price. Unlimited mobile plans are now extended to business tariffs.

“For Epic, it is critical that its plans are accessible to everyone to enjoy its great network with propositions that offer great value,” explained Banyai.

The €9.99 value top up will include better offers with more data and minutes to all networks.

He added that Epic will be investing more in customer service, building new digital tools to make it simpler and easier for customers to use Epic’s services. A new mobile app and website were also launched today, providing customers a simpler user interface and features.

“We are mostly known for the quality of our mobile services, but for families, we are offering home broadband including fibre. And for businesses we are providing internet bandwidth, telephony, data center services, international connectivity and more. So when we say great network and service from Epic, we mean that we are providing solutions for all the communication needs of our customers,” explained Banyai.

Not letting go of any staff but we are recruiting

Speaking to the media after the launch, Banyai explained that Epic will not be letting go of any employees but are currently in recruitment and have a number of vacant positions.

About Monaco Telecom 

Monaco Telecom is the incumbent operator of the Principality of Monaco, delivering fixed, internet, TV, mobile services, as well as international data connectivity, housing and cloud services. 

Monaco Telecom has developed a strong technological approach to telecommunications: in July 2019, Monaco Telecom was the first operator to launch 5G with a nationwide coverage; and in fixed broadband, it provides 1Gbs access to all households. 

Monaco Telecom owns Epic, leading alternative operator in Cyprus and the leading mobile operator in Malta.


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