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Bad deal for Gozo

Sunday, 22 November 2020, 08:24 Last update: about 7 months ago

The fast ferry tender has become a saga and like a soap opera. It seems there is some hidden hand pushing one way and proven carrier experts in the field denied the job. That's why I propose a liberalisation of the transport system between Malta and Gozo with different starting points and destinations. A one-lane each way tunnel is not a good solution for Gozo. Would it not be better if the money to be spent be used on the sustainable development of the Gozo economy? And what about air transport to connect the islands? Has this evaporated in thin air?


Moreover, we have also been denied a public swimming pool. It seems to have got stuck somewhere like the fast ferry. Now we are even being denied the sports complex.

And it is obscene to build a primary school in the grounds of an existing secondary school. The open spaces, where students used to have their breaks, have become restricted. And the Middle School has become surrounded by two construction sites. It seems that in Malta it is ok to take an adequate area to build a school but in Gozo we had to ruin the Middle School.

And what about the perched villages? These are becoming ugly with industrious people building high rises on the cliff edges. One cannot forget also Racecourse Street in Nadur? It is still a disaster.

Maybe part of the blame should be put squarely on the Gozitans themselves. They do not speak out as much as the Maltese do. They are happy with concessions in hunting and bird trapping and getting jobs with the government. And they hail as benefactors the very same people who are impoverishing Gozo. It was said that silence is golden. But there is time to be prudent and there is time to be assertive. Otherwise Gozo will become degraded and our open spaces and the little left natural habit will go forever!

Joe Portelli


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