The Malta Independent 21 January 2021, Thursday

PN agrees with House equality law in principle, but wants to make it better - Grech

Jake Aquilina Tuesday, 12 January 2021, 18:43 Last update: about 8 days ago

The PN agrees with the proposed law to introduce more equality in the House, but amendments need to be made in order to improve it and give it greater equality, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said in Parliament.

The Opposition leader echoed PN MP Hermann Shciavone’s words, where the latter said that Parliamentary equality regarding gender cannot take place only when considering the two main parties, but should include third parties as well. “We agree with this law in principle, but I want to see it made better. What Schiavone was saying is that it is great to have more women in parliament, but it can be made better.”


“I agree that with Hermann Schiavone and the Deputy Prime Minister himself; this law is a good step forward, but it won’t solve much.”

Grech noted that the problem is not that women don’t get elected, as they usually fare well in elections, but how many actually contest elections. There seems to be something blocking them from entering the political life, he noted.

“Let’s work together to remove the obstacles for women in Malta. The problem is how many choose to pursue a political life and try to be elected, not how many get elected,” Grech pointed out.

“The Maltese mentality is still lagging behind, unfortunately. Even though we made big advances, we still think that the family and the house is the responsibility of women only.”

Grech added that the possibility of having full-time MPs in the House will also not only help women, but men as well, so that they can focus on their jobs fully.

“How are we going to help women to come into politics? It is with the possibility and the choice of having full-time deputies. This will help to get not only more women, but also more men into politics,” he said.

Grech hit out at PM Robert Abela – who was not present in Parliament on Tuesday night – claiming that the PM had no idea about what the bill itself really proposed.

“It is clear that the PM does not know what is in this law. He spoke in general fashion and didn’t contribute anything to this law.”

He also lashed out at the Labour camp, claiming that they don’t listen enough to what the Opposition has to say. 

“You have become so arrogant that you don’t even want to listen to others contributing,” the Opposition leader exclaimed.

“This Prime Minister only wants to listen to himself. He didn’t tell us why he had to make a reshuffle less than 10 months. He didn’t tell us he was incompetent when he made up his first government.”

 “If you won’t listen to us, don’t worry. The Maltese population will,” Grech concluded.


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