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Redorange reboots it’s brand, manifesto and strategy

Friday, 19 February 2021, 09:07 Last update: about 10 days ago

Gifted to our clients, collaborators and suppliers in the follow up to Valentine's Day, the decadent initiative gives a peak to Redorange's fresh new look, and highlights who we are and what the brand stands for; 

We think. We dream. We do.

We are Redorange, a creative advertising agency (based in Malta) that loves to turn the conventional into exceptional. Not only do we see ourselves as collaborators of our clients, but we dive in every assignment  heart and soul to push our client's  brand message in a clear and effective way.


Founded in 2006, we believe in designing with a purpose and creating stories that will last through time. We pride ourselves in being experts in the creative process of solving all challenges we're faced with.

In the digital age where visual noise and boring narratives are dominating the market, we help our clients stand out by unveiling new horizons and pushing the boundaries.

We listen, solve, develop, love and evolve your brand.

The reboot not only reflects on the agency's design expertise and marketing efforts, but it is also a reflection of growth, an alignment of looks and values, and showcases how Redorange is moving forward by elevating the brand in par with international design trends.

"It's been one hell of a journey, an exciting and thrilling one for that matter.  We have ruffled feathers and created waves in an industry that should always pursue creativity, innovation and talkability.  Would like to thank everyone that over the years help build Redorange, especially the present team that despite what COVID threw at us, showed the resilience, determination and sheer passion only redorangers are known for", said Daniel Abela, Founder and CEO at Redorange.

Cynthia Mifsud, Marketing Manager at Redorange, added, "Once the dust started to settle from the initial shock of the coronavirus pandemic, at Redorange we started to see the road ahead a little more clearly. The need for a reboot during COVID-19 became more and more evident, and so it began. We've adjusted our strategy and adapted our positioning in response to the prevailing conditions. Always with a positive mindset and a proactive approach, we made the necessary changes focusing on what we do best."

"Due to the pandemic reshaping the world, Redorange felt the need to self-reflect, adapt and rebrand following the constantly changing and demanding environments. A reboot was necessary not only for aesthetic reasons but also to form a narrative that resonates with people, remains truthful to the content, is easily understood and is time resistant. We are a storytelling studio and our methodology is purely research based, this is what our team wanted to articulate with the outside world - this is our new story." Head of Design, Stelios Ypsilantis concludes.

Have a look at the unique revamp at

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