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Watch: ‘I will say what I have to say to the Standards Commissioner’ – Rosianne Cutajar

Jake Aquilina Monday, 22 February 2021, 16:41 Last update: about 3 months ago

Embattled Parliamentary Secretary Rosianne Cutajar refused to give comments to the media, saying instead that she will “say what I have to say to the Standards Commissioner.”

Cutajar has been under fire ever since it emerged that she allegedly pocketed thousands of euro from a failed property deal involving Yorgen Fenech.

According to reports, Fenech and her close associate Charles Farrugia ‘it-Tikka’ had helped broker the Mdina €3.1 property deal. Fenech was trying to purchase the property from a certain Joe Camilleri. The deal fell through after Fenech’s November 2019 arrest and arraignment, and Camilleri is said to be chasing Cutajar to have her return a €46,500 brokerage fee he had paid her.


Cutajar reportedly received a further €9,000 in cash from Fenech, while Farrugia received €31,000.

Standards Commissioner George Hyzler is investigating the allegations. Cutajar has refused to resign or suspend herself, despite mounting pressure, and has provided scant answers to journalists’ questions.

Times of Malta reported on Sunday that Cutajar had solicited help from Fenech for a political survey in her district in 2019, and that Fenech had promised her “some money.”

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Prime Minister Robert Abela has so far refused to take action against the Parliamentary Secretary, saying that he will first wait for Hyzler’s investigation to conclude.

According to Net News, the Cabinet met for more than five hours today, with one of the items on the agenda being the allegations against the Parliamentary Secretary.

This newspaper caught up with Cutajar as she made her way to Parliament on Monday afternoon.

Asked whether she had ever informed the Prime Minister about her contacts with Fenech, Cutajar said: “I will say what I have to say about the matter to Commissioner Hyzler.”

Pressed to say whether she should suspend herself pending the outcome of the investigation, Cutajar replied with a “thank you” and walked into the building.

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