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Abela trying to ‘wash his hands’ of the previous government - Grech

Jake Aquilina Sunday, 28 February 2021, 14:02 Last update: about 3 months ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela is trying to wash his hands of the previous government, but he himself was an integral part of it, Opposition and PN leader Bernard Grech said in a political meeting in Haz-Zabbar.

"This was a particular week, where we were reminded of the criminal ties to the Government. We are not afraid to say these words. We are not ashamed of our past, yet the PL always tries to hide theirs," Grech remarked.

Grech noted the events of the past week - with the temporary resignation of Rosianne Cutajar and the alleged involvement of Chris Cardona in an abandoned plot to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia - having cast a dark shadow on the Government.


"It was a shocking week. There was the alleged involvement of Chris Cardona in an attempt to kill Daphne Caruana Galizia. We cannot have a prime minister who says that the whole truth has come out. Why is the PM quick to hide this? He should not continue to make fun of people's intelligence," Grech said.

"No one has any doubt that the PL is bound by criminality."

The Opposition leader also accused the PM of trying to take credit for the advancements in the Daphne Caruana Galizia case. "The PM tried to take merit, he tried to involve himself in the investigations and say that everything is closed. In the past - when there were politicians who interfered in investigations, who allegedly helped criminals, or even were implicated in such cases - a climate of impunity was created. This means that everyone felt that they could do anything they liked to keep power and not follow laws."

"This is reality, and the PM is not denying his involvement, if anything he implied it. This case is not closed, it closes when the whole truth comes out. It is closed when justice is done."

Grech also pointed out the Abela was one of the main consultants in ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's government; "he can't say that he isn't involved."

"Robert Abela can't continue speaking as if he was not part of the Government during the past 7 and a half years.

Rosianne Cutajar's resignation

Grech also commented on Cutajar's temporary resignation. "She says she thinks she did nothing wrong. Abela did not have the courage to remove her, so through the pressure applied by the Opposition and civil society, she temporarily resigned. She said that this was out of respect for the Labour Party. For them, the labour partisans come first."

"We know what happened when Joseph hugged Keith and Konrad; a journalist was killed, our reputation was tarnished, and all of them had to resign. And then they say that the institutions are working," Grech stated.



Grech hinted at possible favouritism when it comes to the rollout of vaccines. "Even during the pandemic, let us ensure that no one is given undue preference in getting the vaccine. Only 65% have taken the vaccine of those aged between 80-85. Why is this happening?"

He appealed for the government to be more transparent with the rollout. "The government has an obligation to issue a clear vaccination program. There is a lack of clarity - which is the government's trademark."

Energy strategy, pre-1995 rents

The Government is copying the PN in its energy proposals, Grech accused. "We continued to see an opposition that is setting the agenda for the country, while we saw a reactive government. We had Miriam Dalli announce measures which we had already announced," Grech asserted.

Months ago, the pre-1995 rent problems were increasing, Grech noted, and pressure was put by the Opposition to address this. "We were proactive on this, and the government had to react so that the problems would not increase. We will continue to push for progressive change."





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