The Malta Independent 14 April 2021, Wednesday

Second shortest period: 100 Covid deaths in the last 47 days

Wednesday, 7 April 2021, 12:42 Last update: about 6 days ago

The last 100 Covid-19 deaths arrived in just 47 days, almost an average of two deaths per day.

The 400th victim of the disease was reported today by the health authorities.

Malta had reached the 300th figure on 17 February, and it took just another 47 days for another 100 people to die.

It is the second shortest period of time for 100 people to die of Covid in Malta.


The first 100 deaths were registered between 8 April and 16 November, a total of 222 days.

The second 100 deaths were recorded in just 36 days, between 16 November and 22 December.

The third 100 deaths were registered between 22 December and 17 February, a total of 57 days.

The fourth 100 deaths were recorded in 47 days, between 17 February and 6 April.

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