The Malta Independent 14 April 2021, Wednesday

Updated: Police investigating party in breach of Covid-19 regulations

Thursday, 8 April 2021, 13:47 Last update: about 5 days ago

Video footage has emerged online of another illegal party, complete with a fireworks show, in breach of Covid-19 regulations. The police are investigating.

The videos, which were uploaded to Instagram last night, show people celebrating a birthday party in an unidentified villa outdoors.

Fireworks can even be seen lighting the skies at one point, while a well-known influencer, who The Malta Independent can confirm is Joao Coronel - a member of ClubHouse Europe - was filmed behind the DJ decks as music blared.


Coronel took to Instagram to admit that he had attended the party.  He apologised to his followers and said that he regretted his attendance and pledged that it would not happen again.

However, in the next paragraph of his apology, he took to blaming the media for taking videos where he appears behind the DJ deck "out of context" and using them as "clickbait" to get views.

This newsroom is informed that another DJ named Anthony Mifsud - who goes by the stage-name DJ Ant - was also playing at the party.

The organisation ClubHouse Europe said on Instagram after pictures of police officers at their villa emerged that authorities had confirmed that the party did not take place at their premises, which is in Iklin. 

Some members who live at the said villa also put up identical messages stating that they had not attended any parties or mass gatherings. 

ClubHouse Europe's co-founder Zak Grech Fenech took to his own instagram to say apologise for his actions after he too was present at the party.  He claimed to understand the "severity" of the situation and said that he had contacted authorities to tell them that the location of the party was not ClubHouse Europe.

"I simply ask you to not get my personal and business life mixed up. They are two separate things", Grech Fenech told followers in an Instagram.

He also said that Joao Coronel was not and never has been a DJ, and said that he was being exploited by others for "views". He also denied organising the party, saying that he and the influencer were merely guests.

Under current Covid-19 restrictions, no more than two people can meet outdoors – unless they are from the same household – and no more than two households can meet indoors.

Responding to questions posed by this newsroom, the police said that they, together with the Malta Tourism Authority, "are investigating an allegedly illegal party that was held last night at a private residence. Several persons were spoken by the Police. Investigations are still ongoing."

This is not the first time that footage emerged of a party held illegally during the Covid-19 pandemic. Police broke up an illegal rave taking place at the White Rocks complex last February, when Covid-19 cases were nearing their worst peak.

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