The Malta Independent 3 October 2022, Monday
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‘Hyzler highlights the PL’s faults yet doesn’t address his own’ – PL Whip Bedingfield

Monday, 19 April 2021, 20:25 Last update: about 2 years ago

Standards Commissioner George Hyzler is fast to highlight the PLs faults yet doesn’t look at his own, PL Whip Glen Bedingfield told Parliament on Monday.

“Let’s start with the obvious, where standards are supposed to be held but they are not. There are political motives behind this,” Bedingfield said.

“What are these standards, Mr Speaker, when we sent him questions on the 24th of February and these have not been answered yet, especially when we expect that everyone in this room has to answer as quickly as possible?” Bedingfield questioned.

The PL whip referred to the Standard Commissioner’s report on the bill amending the understanding of persons of trust and positions of trust.

“What are these standards he speaks of, when he has five persons of trust in his office, yet he wants to teach us?” Bedingfield stated.

Bedingfield said that for the most part, Hyzler only judges the PL’s side when it comes to ethics and not the PN’s. “Hyzler only wants to judge this side of the room, as when we have a case sent to him against the other side, he absconds from answering. Then he is sent legitimate questions, so that we see what standards the Commissioner for Standards has, and he does not answer. Why is he refusing to answer?” he questioned.  

“It was a mistake that someone who was already exposed to politics was put into that position. It is clear that his heart still beats for politics,” he said.

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