The Malta Independent 12 May 2021, Wednesday

PN demands answers on Cabinet decision to turn down Degiorgios, Kohhu pardon request

Monday, 19 April 2021, 18:38 Last update: about 22 days ago

The Nationalist Party has demanded answers on why the Cabinet decided to reject pardon requests by the Degiorgio brothers and Vince Muscat.

The government said earlier it was acting on advice given by the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police.


In a statement, the PN said it respects the advice given to the government but said the public has a right to know how the decision was reached.

Was this advice based on whether the police have new evidence, which means that it does not need to give out these pardons to solve the murder?

It also asked whether the requests were turned down because the police do not believe Muscat and the Degiorgios, whether the claims made by the three men had been corroborated and whether there were other reasons why the requests were rejected.

“The people expect that anyone who had anything to do with the murders are brought to justice,” the PN said, adding that it expects an immediate declaration by the Police Commissioner.

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