The Malta Independent 19 June 2021, Saturday

PN proposals ensure justice for small businesses without burdening large ones

Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 17:22 Last update: about 10 days ago

Proposals for lowering commercial utility bills proposed by the Nationalist Party ensure that justice is being done to small businesses without burdening large businesses with new burdens, the PN said today.

During a press conference on Tuesday, PN MP Ryan Callus said that two weeks have passed since the Nationalist Party announced that it will fix the electricity and water billing mechanism.


He said that, “it is becoming more and more clear that the Electrogas power station contract is leading us to buy energy at very high prices.”

Agius mentioned that Opposition Leader Bernard Grech has made it crystal clear that the Nationalist Party in government would give back €50 million to consumers after reports shed light on the fact that they could have paid “extra charges” on their electricity and water bills since 2013.

Agius said that jobs were and are still being jeopardized when Malta’s reputation is being threatened.

He explained that the opposition’s proposal regarding the matter seeks to address the injustice and elimante theft from electricy and water bills. The labour party only spoke for large companies and completely forgot about the small ones.

He explained how the proposal put forth by the PN will eliminate theft and recalled how the labour party forgot about businesses that consume around 85 units a day to 60,000 units a day, such as a clothing store, an ironmonger or a small professional office.

Labour has tried to discredit the Nationalist Party’s proposal and forget about small businesses, Callus said.

On the other hand, the PN proposal aims to address accounts of low-consumption residential, domestic, holidaymakers and commercial households without overburdening the accounts of large companies.

Callus remarked that the politics of the Nationalist Party is not a one size fits all like that of the Labour party.

Deputy Leader David Agius said that the Nationalist party thinks of everyone and will make sure that theft that is taking place comes to an end.

He said that this is an injustice which started after the 2013 election, saying that people are losing out on the eco-reduction mechanism because of how bills are being calculated.

Ryan Callus made reference to what was said by Minister Dalli about the PN proposals which could prove detrimental to business owners and self-employed people.

In reaction, Callus said that this is a “lie and not true.”

Speaking about trade prices, Callus said that “although the government constantly boasts that we are the best, this is not the case. When one looks at these prices, Malta has the fifth highest rate of commercial accounts among the 27 EU Member States.”

“Electrogas is paying the second highest rate of commercial rates in 27 EU Member states,” Callus said.

Sustainable energy by investing in offshore windfarms, the second interconnector, the pn believes in in generations.

PN Candidate Rebekah Cilia said that the “Nationalist Party will be aiming to have the cheapest source of energy while ensuring that Malta has clean energy sources that protect us as well as future generations.”

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