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The path of solitude

Ivan Bartolo Monday, 14 June 2021, 07:18 Last update: about 3 months ago

Power is a force that can influence the attitudes and behaviour of human beings in the direction one wishes.

What comes to mind is the value of mercy, that as a politician I try to practice and spread wherever I go.

There are various types of power. There is the type that comes from when a person is in a position of authority and control. Then there is personal power that depends on a person's charisma and quality - that charisma of being a leader. Then there is also political power, having control over decisions with which you win over people, including those who opposed you. However, even if power is democratic it can still be misused.


Even though one tries to do their best, history has shown us that there always are dictatorial leaders, where the ideas of so-called democracy are disseminated by those with hidden interests.

In my humble opinion, a person who tries to keep power will by time lose it. On the contrary when that person delegates, he would be opening himself up thus achieving the goals the person wants to accomplish. When a person keeps power, it shows insecurity. This is a characteristic of weak leaders. They feel threatened. They may seem normal from the outside, but some people who have enough intelligence realize that it is all a front. Some people can smell dishonesty from miles away. 

For many, power has a negative meaning, and they are not to blame. It is a shame that every day we come across stories related to corruption. On the contrary, power can be used positively and be of service to others. You encounter people who crave so much for power that they are willing to do anything to have it and feel powerful. When we crave power, we become slaves to it, as much as drug addicts, alcoholics, and other addictive materials.

Although I believe that power gives satisfaction and it is a basic urge for some human beings, one can lead by example and be honest by resisting corruption and resisting this glee for righteousness. 

The worst form of corruption is when there are those who turn something wrong into gold, affecting the poor. This type of gold is annoying, suffocating and continues to kill human beings, blinding them completely..... not only, but also steals every opportunity. This type of kingdom is a selfish one, with no room for others. They do not care about the man on the street who is suffering. Instead of helping others who are suffering, they take pleasure seeing them suffer. The man on the street is blind to all this and continues to weaken more and more. The rich continue to become richer, more than ever. In my humble opinion this is the worst form of corruption and dishonesty.

By being someone who rolls up your sleeves and truly believe in the principle of helping those in need, you can make change happen. Let us all roll up our sleeves and give a helping hand to relieve some of the hardships we see in others. Let us be sensitive towards the things we would like to see changed and give ourselves a chance to improve the tough situations that are happening around us. Let us not be partisan and we should seek to find what unites us as a nation. Dedicate your life to the benefit of Malta and the Maltese.  This is all profitable for you. 

Knowing about corruption and not doing something about it reflects badly on the person. The first change must take place internally. You just cannot remain blind or in denial over all the bad that is happening around us. Our society becomes much better and freer without corruption. I feel ashamed when a foreign friend refuses to come to Malta because of the corruption going on. At the moment, we have nothing to boast about in our country. Personally, I feel orphaned. This is a form of slavery and psychological violence.

The path of righteousness is indeed a tough and long one. At some point in your life you end up walking on your own. These moments, when you feel all alone, are tough and traumatic. Having power never blinded me and when you end up being surrounded by dishonesty you realize that for some people, the more they have, the more they want. They are never content or satisfied.


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