The Malta Independent 3 December 2021, Friday

‘The NGOs outsmarted the Opposition’ – Aaron Farrugia

Monday, 21 June 2021, 17:31 Last update: about 6 months ago

The PN lacks detailed proposals on the environment, and "although they criticise, they do not produce anything of substance in this regard," Minister for the Environment Aaron Farrugia said. 

He spoke in Parliament after Robert Cutajar said that the ERA cannot continue to take "toothless" decisions. However, the Environment Minister criticised Cutajar and the PN, saying that they are fast to criticise, but offer little substance in their proposals.


"The NGOs outsmarted the opposition. The Opposition is not the PN, but the NGOs. They outsmarted you totally," he said.

He also addressed the Government's reason for voting against the ERA Bill proposed by the PN, saying it was because the Government proposed a "better one"

"You are afraid to take decisions in every sector. Even when it comes to the (Marsa) flyover, had it not been us in Government, you would not have taken a decision on it," he said.

"Come up with something tangible. It's easy to take solar rights and say that you are in favour, but what do you propose?" he questioned. "I want real politics, not fairy-tale politics," he said.

He also criticised PN MEP Roberta Metsola for her environment manifesto, saying that her manifesto looks good on paper, but in reality shows that there are much more issues that one has to deal with. He challenged her to a "test" in order to comment what she would do on subjects such as height limitations or a veto vote for the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA).

He praised the single use plastics policy that the Government introduced, but the "PN didn't propose anything on this front," he said.

"They know you as a party of landfills. We don't give up, the PN gave a landfill, next week we turn it into a park," he said.


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