The Malta Independent 22 September 2021, Wednesday

Is justice dead in Malta?

Wednesday, 21 July 2021, 10:36 Last update: about 2 months ago

Fr. Charles Cini

People today have lost their dignity, their voice, their honesty, their values, their hope, their happiness, and especially their beauty!

Man is in crisis with himself! He is asking: Who am I? Where is my direction? For whom am I living?

Pope Francis, in his book ‘’Ti Auguro un Sorriso’’, writes: We are preoccupied, why are we all searching? The pursuit of happiness and stability is common to all peoples of all times and all ages. God has instilled in the heart of all human beings a wish for contentment, but man and woman have lost the burning desire for true happiness. But their heart is unsatisfied, and they have a thirst for abundant Love and truth’. The Maltese are shouting loudly in their heart: ‘’Please be honest and tell us the truth’’.


In Malta, we are experiencing a cultural crisis; the good has become evil, and evil has become good; Truth has become fake and distorted. If our ancestors had to return, they would be ashamed of us and would chide us for destroying what they have achieved with so many sacrifices.

People are afraid to stay and walk together because there is a lot of mistrust and diffidence! Everyone, irrespective of age or position, are asking: ‘’Quo Vadis Melita?’’ The country we are living in is terrified to fight back for its rights! If we walk together, we can go very far and very deep! The country we are living in does not want to cry. People prefer to ignore what is happening and close their eyes to the pitiful situation we are living in!

They prefer to hide their pain and rebellion. So they can have the courage to share the sufferings with others and try to escape from the chaos. In that way, our life is not ready to change!

Pope Francis speaks of the revolution of togetherness, of love and tenderness,

of defending and caring for each other. Happiness needs to control and limit certain necessities that stupefy, remaining available for the various possibilities that life offers to man.

We have people who nourish themselves with things that can never satisfy them: money, success and vanity, power and pride, consequently they are never happy. Around us, there is only selfishness, personal satisfaction, strong nepotism, preferences and favouritisms.

Are all Maltese the same? Are some more powerful than others? Are we happy with this situation?

When we talk in public, why do we deceive ourselves and don’t say the truth?

Let us recall our memory and ask ourselves, why are we permitting the destruction of the Maltese islands? We are in duty bound to be responsible to defend, to care, to love and cherish our heritage.

One would be very curious to know what St. Paul’s reaction would be towards the Maltese, should he come and visit again our Islands. He might tell the Maltese people: Are you becoming blind?  He would certainly advise us to open our eyes in order to choose the right direction because we are drowning in own misdeeds.

He will urge the Maltese people to return to the truth, fraternity, Love and especially to the Christian values which he taught us. He will urge us to wake up from our arrogant and immoral behaviour and walk together in unity, peace, truth and faith.

In the same quoted book, Pope Francis writes: ‘’Once I have heard an old man; a good man, good Christian, but he was a sinner who had a lot of trust in God: ‘God will help me, He will not leave me alone. I will enter in Paradise, limping but I will manage to enter’. ‘’

We have to remember who we are!  ’Memory is something personal; it is the path that unites us with God’’ says Pope Francis. Unfortunately, some people prefer to ignore and cover up their embarrassment and intentions.

Mother Theresa of Calcutta used to say: ‘’There are some people who are so poor, that the only thing that they have is money’’.

Words are to be said only to build up and help, but never to destroy, humiliate and sadden. If we have nothing decent to say, it is better to be silent!




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