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The robotics industry as a future key sector of Malta’s economy

Sunday, 25 July 2021, 09:00 Last update: about 3 months ago

Ray Abela

At this moment in time, Malta's economy, like all other developed countries, is at cross-roads. We must decide what our economy should look like in the coming years; shall we look at what worked in the past and maintain the status quo? Or shall we look at the future and embrace the sectors that are becoming more relevant every day?

As a country, Malta has always been forward-looking, never afraid of taking bold steps, even if it looks risky. Developments in the Information Technology sector are providing new opportunities that would have looked impossible just a few years back. As a government who cares for the wellbeing of its citizens, we must be honest in acknowledging the fact that the digital revolution is a wave that no one can stop.


The main difference will be between those countries that are at the frontline, ambitious and ready to take all the opportunities which are presented to them and those countries that are reactionary, acting on developments as they come, ensuring that they remain followers instead of becoming world leaders. We have already taken great strides forward in ensuring that Malta will be a world leader in the Information Technology sector but to do so, we must start training our younger generation so that they are specialists in the different opportunities which are approaching.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the Robotics Industry, as it is also known, is a fast-developing field that will have global implications. Actions and processes, which are to this day considered as complex, will become more secure and less complicated with the help of AI. The developments in AI can look daunting or frightening if we do not take the time to understand how it works.

It is for this very reason that I feel that we have a duty to start training and making our children feel familiar and comfortable with the Robotics Industry. By educating our younger generation in this sector, which is becoming more useful and also profitable every day, we can provide the foundations of a stable future for our children. If we act now, we are guaranteeing that Malta's youngsters are growing up confident and ready to lead the AI sector for many years to come.

Being involved in the Digital Sector for many years has meant that I am very aware of the opportunities these industries can offer and I want to play a part in providing all possible learning opportunities for our children. From last week, on a personal initiative and in collaboration with the Department of AI at the University of Malta, we are offering free courses in the Robotics Industry aimed for children from the 3rd District between the ages of five and 11.

It was very satisfying to learn that there was a substantial number of children who signed up for these courses. Seeing the enthusiasm on their faces, ready to learn more about this industry makes me feel confident that as a country we will be ready to face all upcoming challenges and ensure that our economy remains a healthy and positive one.

I must personally encourage all those parents who may still be sceptical about allowing their children to take part in such courses to provide them with this opportunity. I am sure that like all parents, you wish the best for your children and augur that they will have a job which provides well for them and their future families. Let us grasp this opportunity together and lay the foundations for a future which will benefit us all.


Ray Abela is a candidate for PL on 1st and 3rd District   

email: [email protected]


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