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Approval by disapproval

Rachel Borg Saturday, 31 July 2021, 07:26 Last update: about 3 months ago

The most creative weapon used to its full force by Joseph Muscat and Robert Abela’s government against the good of the country, has been the treacherous and wicked intention to fool the people, all the time, every time. 

When you treat Parliament like a sausage factory, with a Speaker who has lost any regard for intelligent, impartial and proper rule, when members like Konrad Mizzi walk in with a smirk, sign and slink out again, pretending to do their job and still get paid and when reports by the Commissioner for Standards are more of a game of pass the parcel, you can be sure that any other commission, board and institution, all the way to the top are nothing more than the leftovers from the sausage.


This is the way that Muscat and Abela operate.  The continuity is the method used to divert, to keep hold over any form of criticism of the government and anything that might disrupt their virginal disguise.  They behave as though they have the command from a code of good and evil to decide whichever way serves them to stay in power. 

It is clear from Parliament, it is clear from political appointments, it is clear from international relations that the method of the movement is not to be changed or altered to suit anyone other than the Labour party and its panting group of WhatsApp ministers.  The opposition and anything proposed by their leader Bernard Grech or any of their members in Parliament is automatically set to be rejected before going on to any discussion or appreciation.  The same with anything from civil society or from the free media.

It applies too, to any objections raised by the public, local councils or experts when it comes to decisions taken by the Planning Authority. 

This blanket rejection is standard.  Where they cannot avoid to have some show of “the institutions are working”, as in the Standards Committee or in the Police Force, they put people on the board who are the meat of the method of approval by disapproval.

Honest intentions do not exist and never have.  It is the engine that drives the motor of indecency in politics, criminal cover-ups and propaganda designed to hit any pain button of the Maltese population who easily watch the show, applaud and feel secure that the method will not fail.

The method is the investment.  It has more value than a vote and its effectiveness can be measured in a poll on who is the most popular or which party will win the next election.

Business is in the hands of the likes of Glenn Bedingfield and Labour media.  It is given honorary status by having at its head none other than Robert Abela and his cabinet. It is not about government.  It is about war. 

A well-disguised war yet not afraid of being exposed.

We will have the opportunity on Friday, when Parliament will discuss the report regarding the public inquiry into the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, to see whether this will be another exercise on the same lines as previous motions or if the Prime Minister will finally have honest intentions and seize the chance to close the book on the darkness that has enabled the events of where we are today, by starting a new, transparent, legislation to take Malta out of this horrific pit and to lift us out of our shame.  It must do it for the sake of the murdered journalist’s family and for the sake of justice.  It must do it as a member of the European Union.

First tool is the legislation.  Next or concurrent is the Commissioner of Police and his staff to ensure the end of impunity.  No Minister or party apparatchik is to stand in the way or work on a different agenda.  Both hands must be in front and seen. 

Should any bi-partisan or other bodies be constituted, they must be made up by honest and capable appointees and not just by favour to the Labour party trying to satisfy some constituency.

The level of debate must improve drastically.  Remove the Speaker.  Appoint a qualified and competent person, with approval from both sides of the house.   The Commissioner of Police must appear before Parliament and a new job description given to him that goes beyond not rocking the boat and marketing.

The Labour media needs a thorough overhaul if it is to continue to exist.  Just because it is owned by a political party does not absolve it, like any other politically owned station, from delivering balanced and fair journalism and entertainment.

The recommendations made by the Board of inquiry must be treated with the utmost respect.   They are not there for a pick and choose buffet.  Robert Abela is responsible to ensure that the egos and the theatrics of Joseph Muscat’s WhatsApp leadership end now. 

Is he scared of power?  Will he run away from the truth and find a way to insert the method of abortion to the legislation required and implementation of the findings?  Will he use approval of his government for disapproval of doing anything at all?

This report cannot be watered down.  It cannot sit on a tray or be passed around until it is lost.  Laundering may be a natural occupation for the government but this inquiry report is spanking clean. 

Abela should take the opportunity to go all the way on the back of this inquiry report, and remove all the impunity that has led our country to the grey-list.  Anything less and Malta will burn to ashes. 

Can the Labour party ever learn from the past?  How did it start for them in 2013?  It started with Joseph Muscat renouncing violence and saying everything to indicate a new mentality for Labour.  We know that it was all a show and instead of thuggery this time round, the state has been found to be responsible for the death of a journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia who appeared in their minds to be the demons of all they despised in the Nationalist Party and its supporters.

The only renunciation that actually took place was in the betrayal of the socialism and the creation of the elite champagne-socialists.  Sliema and St Julian’s became the most sought after locations for construction and demographic movement to the northern harbour area.  Having grasped the immense mechanism lying before them, they focused on monetizing the personal business connections without any thought for the community and its institutions. 

But here they are now.  The inquiry will be tabled in Parliament.  Where they go from here is the make or break of law and impunity.  Enough shows.  Stand up and face the people here, not just in a sham election.

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