The Malta Independent 6 December 2021, Monday

Parking in front of one’s own private garage

Sunday, 15 August 2021, 08:45 Last update: about 5 months ago

A particular news item ostensibly originating from police sources has been making the rounds in the press and on local TV and radio stations giving the impression that, among other contraventions, it is not lawful for one to park in front of one’s own garage.

Nowhere have I come across any particular provision of the law laying down directly or indirectly anything to that effect. Indeed, it could not have been otherwise since it is utterly illogical and does not make any legal sense that while one may lawfully park a vehicle in front of another’s private residence front door one may not lawfully park in front of one’s own private garage. Were it so, the law would really be verging on the absurd. Private garage owners can legitimately dictate who can and cannot park there.


Perhaps this calls for a clarification or rectification of the directive being so imparted.


Dr Mark Said


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