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The Bamboo School

Sunday, 29 August 2021, 07:44 Last update: about 3 months ago

I would like to say a big Thank You to the Mission Fund (Malta) for their recent very generous financial support for our work at The Bamboo School in the West of Thailand, very near the border with Myanmar. In this school, the De La Salle Brothers cater for over 500 stateless boys and girls through a full primary-level course.

The schooling is absolutely free for these very needy kids and families, and that includes tuition, books and stationery, uniforms, one meal a day and other ancillary services. Obviously, we depend on and are grateful for any help we get both locally and abroad.

I encourage everyone to be generous in donating to the Mission Fund that does sterling work by helping “the workers in the field” engaged in projects like The Bamboo School for the very needy in faraway lands..

You can send used stamps and make donations online or by direct bank transfer to one of the following accounts: BOV: IBAN No.: MT70VALL220130000000 16300798022; APS: IBAN No.: MT67APSB77079005231820000 820762; BNF: IBAN No.: MT94BNIF1450200000000087963101 and LOM: IBAN No.: MT65LBMA05000000000001440822115.

More information may be accessed from


God bless

Br Mario Zammit FSC

Sanghklaburi, Thailand

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