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Blind Repubblika

Sunday, 19 September 2021, 07:38 Last update: about 9 months ago

Repubblika is assiduous in pushing its virulent, one-sided views against the Labour party in government. It went so far as to criticise the European Union for allowing a situation in Malta which led to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Maybe Repubblika is right. But was it only the EU that failed Malta?

As l see it someone was there before the EU, and before even Joseph Muscat, in failing Malta, and it is not in Repubblika's warped thinking to see this.

I point an accusatory finger at the Nationalist governments which also wallowed in corruption. It was their scandalous way of managing Malta that led to the huge unprecedented majority which the electorate gave to Joseph Muscat in 2013.

And Joseph Muscat was not wise enough to see the pitfall in his path, though he saw his way clearly in creating an unprecedented well being for the working classes, and conditions for business to thrive.

Because of their way of governing, the Nationalist administrations so failed their country that the electorate voted overwhelmingly for Labour.

Can we forget the €600 weekly increase which the Gonzi administration gave to the cabinet, behind the back of the people and even of the party's MPs?

Can we forget the scandalous land deals that were concluded by the PN governments, and the state's oil purchases that were mired in dishonesty, for instance. And the electorate was unaware, when the voters cast their verdict in the voting booths, that their proud Mater Dei hospital was in parts in danger of collapsing.

It was the PN that created the roaring tide that was to swamp Malta. The PN that opened the doors to Joseph Muscat's huge majority, so huge that it blinded Muscat to its dangers. Repubblika do not recognise this.


Roger Mifsud Rabat

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