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Investing in tomorrow's Malta

Sunday, 26 September 2021, 08:58 Last update: about 27 days ago

As a society, we constantly strive to ensure a sustainable future for our country and through continuous improvement we strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. The only way to ensure we reach such a goal is by investing our time and energy in the social and educational well-being of our society and above all invest in tomorrow’s generation. This is a common goal shared by the current Labour government.

Over the past eight years, we have witnessed a proactive government driven by a will to ensure a country which is forward-looking, a Malta which is inclusive and a nation which thrives. Indeed, government has over the past years introduced measures and initiatives which sought to stimulate Malta’s workforce and economy at large while being sensitive to the social needs of our society. Various measures offered equal opportunities to all, to target those who are in need and to create a level playing field where every citizen can be part of Malta’s present and future. 

In line with this vision, each Budget presented by government kept in mind the need for our country to grow by consolidating key economic sectors, by identifying new economic pockets and strengthening Malta's attractiveness abroad. On the other hand, each budget presented, also stressed on the needs of those with the lowest income, heavily invested in Malta’s infrastructure, emphasised on the country’s healthcare and heavily invested in various green initiatives to ensure Malta's environmental sustainability.

The introduction of free childcare centres, civil unions and same sex marriage, the Pharmacy of Your Choice scheme and reduced energy tariff rates are a few measures which were consistent with government’s goal for a better Malta. The culmination of government’s efforts towards such goals could be envisioned in last year’s budget, which will be remembered as one of the best budgets ever; with no new taxes, which took nothing but gave a lot. 

The 2021 budget was complemented by the recently launched Economic Vision for Malta 2021-2031 and also by means of the Labour Party's 100 Ideas as well as other key social initiatives including the New Hope Guarantee scheme, which will help cancer survivors reach their housing and insurance goals and a Rental and Electricity Refund Scheme, which will help in giving fresh impetus to the economic cycle.

The next budget to be presented on 11 October continues in the footsteps of its predecessor and ensures a sustainable future for Malta. Indeed, the pre-budget document presented by the Minister of Finance and Employment, Clyde Caruana spells out government’s ambitious plan to develop and invest in Malta’s present and future. It is no coincidence that the theme chosen for the consultation of this year’s budget is, The country you wish to leave for your children.

The aim of the next budget is to ensure stability and a healthy economic growth while keeping in mind the social needs of our society. In line with such goals, it has already been announced that once again there will be no tax rises. This budget will give priorities to invest in an economy which is successful and offers a better quality of life.

2022 must be the year in which we will start forging forward steadily to create wealth for people and betterment of our quality of life. In this context, the upcoming budget will lay the foundations for tomorrow’s Malta. The budget will stress on its social roots while providing a clear economic direction to the country. Above all, next month’s budget will spell out why the Labour Party is the right choice to spearhead the country in the coming years. 


 Ray Abela is a PL candidate on the 1st and 3rd District; email: [email protected]

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