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The pandemic: survival, art and new action

Sunday, 10 October 2021, 08:31 Last update: about 3 months ago

Malta Enterprise calls on visual artists to exhibit their work on their journey through the pandemic as part of its CSR efforts. The Malta Independent spoke to Josephine Vassallo Parnis, Head, EU Affairs Economic Intelligence, Policy and EU Affairs Unit and Pamela Baldacchino, curator of the exhibition.

Josephine, you have been organising this exhibition for various years now, why?

Malta Enterprise strongly embraces its CSR initiatives through art. Because art is a fundamental component of the human experience and should be integrated into all the aspects of life, business and innovation, Malta Enterprise is inviting artists to submit up to 6 artworks in all visual art mediums to participate at an art exhibition which will take place between the 1st and 17th December at the Malta Enterprise foyer area in aid of Malta's University Research Trust (RIDT). 

What is the scope of the exhibition?

The scope of this call is twofold. By bringing together artists who explore/d the concepts of Survival and New Action as part of their ART during the Pandemic, it aims to offer an exhibitive platform in the foyer at Malta Enterprise, the country's economic development agency. Malta Enterprise interacts with the main economic negotiators and investors in the country, offering an ideal space where artists can engage with a new audience. This makes Malta Enterprise an ideal agent to enable professional, young and emerging artists. 

ME takes great pride and a sense of responsibility in its CSR. As the leading economic development agency we are highly committed to initiate and support events that can truly make a difference to the community. We want to contribute to improve the wellbeing of people in our society. Art makes a difference in how we live our lives and allows us to communicate, generating positivity, appreciation and hope during Covid-19.

In addition, while promoting the Arts, Malta Enterprise will also be supporting University Research in collaboration with the Research, Innovation and Development Trust (RIDT) of the University of Malta. The RIDT is financing research projects in all areas of study including PhD scholarships in medical research such as cancer, ALS and also other non-medical areas, such as climate change and art conservation. University researchers are steadily developing new ideas that drive technology, enhance public policies, and nurture a healthier and happier community, in order to improve our quality of life.

Pamela, as a curator of this exhibition, why celebrating survival and new action through art?

Hope about our future is an essential part of human wellbeing. Art allows the artist to translate this need visually and present an aesthetic that encourages the desire to keep going and keep surviving. Art is a medium through which ideas resonate between individuals. Ideas generate hope and create new scenarios. In times when the whole world is in crises, a language that supercedes many of the boundaries created through language and cultural norms is an effective way of reaching out. Survival send us back to the basics, to our essential needs. These aren't just food, shelter and water but also the ability to communicate safely and express ourselves amongst others. Artists coming together to present their vision during such times is a way of promoting this, a way of kindling hope and also a way of marking and honouring this period in our lives.

Interested artists are required to submit their application form available at  by not later than Thursday 14 October 2021.

For any queries email us on [email protected] 


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