The Malta Independent 21 October 2021, Thursday

Updated: Students camp outside faculty office as ‘numerus clausus’ imposed, minister intervenes

Thursday, 14 October 2021, 10:31 Last update: about 7 days ago

Law students camped outside their faculty office overnight to secure their course choices after the capping of places in elective study units.

Some students are known to have spent the whole night outside the faculty door, while others who turned up in the early hours of the morning will probably not be able to secure their choice of elective studies because of the numerous clausus involved.

“Today at 8am, students sitting for the masters of advocacy have to apply for their electives which have a capping of 25 students per subject. 

It is now 5:11am, and students have been camped out since midnight in order for them to secure their choice of elective,” a final year law student, wrote in an email to the Dean.

“I have been waiting in the queue since 4:00am, and I already know that I will not be given the opportunity to study the electives of my choice.

“It is appalling that in my final year and in the masters of advocacy where I should be preparing to specialise in areas of my interest, the faculty of laws place a capping on the subjects, taking out my freedom of choice. 

“It is even more appalling that students had to camp out since midnight, especially when there are specific students who had to leave their children at home alone, or even who have to go to work or prattika later in the day. It is a completely ridiculous and unfair situation,” wrote the student.

Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis said he has spoken to the dean in a bid to resolve the issue.

He said that the faculty will be looking into the matter without delay.


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