The Malta Independent 5 December 2021, Sunday

Opposition creating uncertainty by obsession on election date – Ian Borg

Monday, 18 October 2021, 13:38 Last update: about 3 months ago

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects on Monday said that the Nationalist Party is creating uncertainty about the upcoming election date.

“In governing the country, we are doing our job as a government. I do not know if the opposition is doing its job however by creating uncertainty,” said Borg.

“For example, in launching this project today, of the Rabat playground regeneration, we are showing how we are in fact implementing the budget we announced last week,” he added.


Borg was replying to questions by journalists regarding the uncertainty noted by the constitutional bodies, in an article published by Malta Today, of a snap election being announced before Christmas which they worry could impact several businesses.

“The government has a mandate till June 2022, the mandate was strong and it was an important win, and the government is doing its work,” remarked Borg.

“I remember clearly that Bernard Grech in the midst of the pandemic had said how he was longing for the pandemic to be over so that the general election would happen. It happened when the government still had at least a year and a half left of its mandate,” added Borg.

“Therefore, I do not know who is creating this uncertainty and if it in fact exists,” he said.

 “You cannot wake up in the morning asking when will the prime minister announce the upcoming election. The prime minister has the prerogative but he also has a mandate till June 2022.”

“Every day we wake up and go to work for the Maltese and Gozitan people,” said Borg.

Borg was further questioned by journalists on the large number of direct orders for several projects carried out by Infrastructure Malta.

To this he replied by saying that “since the works for these direct orders were assigned from different entities, one should ask the question to the respective entities on each project.”

“Direct orders are like other modes, a method of procurement. Not only are they used in emergency cases but also in certain circumstances where one cannot do otherwise,” he remarked.

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