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Hope that brightens every darkness

Ivan Bartolo Tuesday, 23 November 2021, 09:32 Last update: about 10 months ago

There is a difference between Maltese who are eager to go out and vote because it is their duty and others who are reluctant to go because they are comfortable staying where they are, or worse, become more greedy.

They do not look at the common good, but at how they will continue to become greedier and fatten their pockets. Those genuine human beings who believe in the common good, in their own way neither fear nor are afraid to speak their mind. As St. Thomas Aquinas says: (1225 - 1274) Simplicity is the opposite of duplicity, which on the outside shows one thing while in the heart there is another. We simply protect ourselves from deception, and it is in this sense that the virtue of simplicity is the same as the virtue of truth."


To those who do appear, I congratulate them for the great work they do in the streets, in the clubs, on the parapet, in the square everywhere. Theirs is a much better message than mine. These are the real soldiers because usually the majority will want to appear with the winners of that moment.

Man remains a unique creation, considered as an individual and not a number. For the Nationalist Party, the dignity of the human person is the central point of reference in the development of social thought. The proposals that the Nationalist Party is presenting do not make sense if they do not serve others and the common good.

The various proposals address, in a concrete way, the situation of human beings in various categories, including overcrowding in the Corradino Correctional Facility, which is approaching collapse. The Nationalist Party has launched nine initiatives to start the discussion and that, if adopted, will lead to a reduction in the prison population in Malta and thus better human conditions for prisoners, a better working environment for prisoners, guardians and the reassurance that the situation is under control.

From the Corradino Facility we go to other proposals being presented by the Nationalist Party, that of mental health care. These proposals are intended to raise the quality of life of anyone who, in one way or another, experience mental health challenges, particularly patients and their families.

We cannot have healthy people if mental health is not given the same importance as other areas of healthcare. Any form of stigma and prejudice towards people with mental health challenges and mental health patients is detrimental to society itself and therefore a Nationalist Party in Government works tirelessly to foster a culture of respect and dignity towards anyone who needs this treatment because only in this way can we ensure that each patient is given the treatment they need, in a timely manner.

The Nationalist Party has also put forward its plan for the tourism sector, a plan that considers both the immediate needs and the needs for the future of this industry that employs thousands of people. The tourism sector is an essential part of our lives. It is worth mentioning that this sector provides a living to about 50% of the Maltese population.

Anyone who follows could also note that the environment is a priority for the Nationalist Party. These seven proposals on the environment will help people to enjoy a better environment, more open spaces, together with the regeneration of our localities. Actions speak louder than words. Gone are the days of twisting words and writing on billboards. We must work to give the Maltese people feasible, concrete proposals, but also in the interest of the common good.

Public consultation will be the key to putting these proposals into effect, not only by the central government, but also by local councils, and voluntary organizations, including those that deal with youths and civil society.

More proposals will be made in the coming weeks and months, including proposals for the social aspect that will continue to lead man to move forward with dignity!

We will continue to work, we will continue to hope in the Maltese and Gozitans of good will. We will keep knocking on doors despite the disruption and sometimes being called names. We stand firm despite our discouragement. It is now that we must show our true strength. Now is the time to think of what is right or wrong. Now is the time to see what is best for future generations. Now is the time to fight together with others to strengthen our Malta, not see Malta overtaken by greed for money and pride, not see Malta overtaken by selfishness and worthless words.

Let us all work for a Malta built on solid foundations. This must be our vision, our hope that brightens every darkness.


Ivan Bartolo is a PN MP

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