The Malta Independent 5 December 2021, Sunday

5,247 individuals receive payments after suffering ‘injustices’

Wednesday, 24 November 2021, 13:24 Last update: about 10 days ago

The government will be once again granting payments to those who have suffered an injustice or anomaly in their employment in the past.

This year 5,247 persons will qualify according to the three schemes formulated by the Ministry for Social Justice and Solidarity, The Family and Children's Rights in collaboration with the Ministry for Finance and Employment. The payments will amount to a sum of over €9.7 million.


These details were announced during a press conference on Wednesday by Minister Michael Falzon, who explained that through these payments, the total spending on these anomaly schemes since 2017 till now will amount to €55.5 million.

These past years, there were payments made over a period of four years to about 2,500 police officers for their contribution between September 1993 and December 2009. This was done according to an agreement between the Ministry for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement and representatives of police officials.

Adding to that were payments made to ex workers of the Malta Electricity Board between 2017 and 2019, amounting to the global sum of €66.2 million.

Individuals who will benefit further from this scheme will be ex-workers of the disciplined corps as well as former port workers.

Falzon also announced that the ministry has now fulfilled all measures mentioned in the Budget and assured that these payments will also be done next year for the sixth consecutive year.

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