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Congratulatory messages pour in after Metsola’s election

Tuesday, 18 January 2022, 11:25 Last update: about 5 months ago

Congratulatory messages from Maltese and EU politicians began pouring in after Metsola's election to the post of President of the European Parliament.

President George Vella said: "I congratulate Roberta Metsola on her remarkable accomplishment of being elected as President of the European Parliament. This is also a very important achievement for our country, which has proved that if united, our size & geography pose no obstacle to vision & commitment."


Prime Minister Robert Abela also sent his congratulations and said that he looks forward to working together with her.

Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said that he is emotional and happy with the news of Metsola's election.

"Today you lit up the hearts of thousands Maltese children and youths to continue believing in themselves. You showed us that when you strive for something, you can succeed. That even when coming from a small country, you can raise your head, work and advance forward. You gave new hope showing that when you fight for good, you can come out a winner."

"All of Malta and Gozo are proud of you. Thankyou for your work," Grech said.



Speaker Anglu Farrugia congratulated Metsola on behalf of all the Maltese Members of Parliament.

The Nationalist Party congratulated Metsola and expressed its happiness.

The PN said that Bernard Grech described Metsola as an example of political standards and is convinced that she will represent the interests of the Maltese and European people.

"The PN wishes her well in her work and is convinced that she will move the EU closer to the people."

The Labour Party congratulated Metsola on her election and wished her well in her work in Malta's and the EU's interest.

Archbishop Charles Scicluna, Auxiliary Bishop Joseph Galea-Curmi and President of the Episcopal Conference Anton Teuma all praised Metsola. They expressed their hope that through her work, the European project can continue to build on the fundamental values that respect a person's dignity and human rights, liberty, democracy, equality and the rule of law.


Former Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said that "moments come by in life where the whole population unites and forgets about the conflicts between ourselves, where we turn to each other with a smile and see that Malta has children that can make us all proud."

He said that the election of Metsolais one of those rare and precious moments.

"I and Kate praise Roberta for this success that pays tribute to all of us together. In this post there is no red or blue, there is only integrity, seriousness, competence and values that those of good will embrace and want to see grow in everyone, especially in our young generation."

President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, also wished Metsola well.

"As the 3rd woman to head this noble house, your hard work & determination are an inspiration to us all. We'll work closely together for the EU's recovery and a green, digital & bright European future."

President of the European Council Charles Michel sent his "warmest congratulations." "The European Parliament is the beating heart of our European democracy. Looking forward to cooperating with you, dear Roberta." 

The EPP Group in the European Parliament congratulated Roberta Metsola. "She will open the next chapter for the European Parliament after the first half of the mandate was marked by pandemic disruptions", said EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber MEP after today's election.

"The result shows that our candidate was convincing. Roberta Metsola presented the right initiatives to make Europe more democratic and to strengthen the European Parliament. She is the youngest President ever of an EU Institution and comes from the smallest EU country. And after 20 years, a woman is finally again elected President. We are proud she was our candidate to lead this House", continued Weber.

"In the remaining two and a half years before the next elections, we have crucial decisions ahead of us. We need Europe's economy to create more jobs, to become more competitive, to become carbon-neutral and to set new rules for the digital world. Today's election in the first round shows that the constructive majority of this Institution wants to work together. It represents pro-European common sense in extremely challenging times."

PN MEP David Casa also congratulated the new European Union Parliament President.

The National Council of Women said that Metsola has "reached a unique step in a long series of successes in your life with courage and commitment and belief in yourself and in the future of Europe you have always championed."

"Your words addressing the European Parliament after the elections reflected you and your vision while drafting, in your words, the future for a better Europe for all. Indeed, the results of the elections reveal the trust members of the European Parliament have in you."

"Watching you address your colleagues, it was Roberta Metsola as the National Council of Women has always known her - a leader with a passion, with strong values, confidently looking towards the future and the challenges ahead for Europe and the world, in your role as President of the European Parliament"

"Indeed, Malta is proud of you! NCW has always admired you as a mother, as a career woman and as a politician whose steadfastness never changed with a sense of determination and a spirit to achieve."

The Malta Business Bureau (MBB) congratulated Roberta Metsola on being elected President of the European Parliament, the highest democratic institution in the European Union.

"With her election, MEP Metsola is making history as the first Maltese citizen to take up such a prestigious position. She is also breaking barriers by achieving this despite being from the smallest EU member state, and also as the first female President in 20 years."

MBB President Alison Mizzi congratulated MEP Metsola on her election and augured her a successful mandate. “Roberta can be proud for obtaining the confidence of a great majority of MEPs from so many diverse countries and political backgrounds. The work she undertook in the European Parliament shows her abilities to negotiate while fighting hard for what she believes in. For this reason, she deserves the recognition received with today’s vote,” stated Mizzi.

“MEP Metsola is also taking the leadership of the European Parliament in very challenging times. Globally we are still fighting our way through a pandemic, and Europe is still finding its way to economic recovery. At the same time the EU is paving the way for the green and digital transitions. Apart from the policy and legislative cycles, the EU itself is in the process of transforming itself to remain relevant for the citizens of Europe. Roberta has the privilege and the responsibility of being in the centre of this process and I am sure she will stand up to the occasion., Mizzi said.

MBB CEO Tanti also commended MEP Roberta Metsola on her election. “Being the only Maltese private sector with an EU representation in Brussels, the MBB has continuously liaised with MEP Metsola and her office over the past years. Roberta is a competent person and a humble leader who is always well prepared for every point of discussion and has actively cooperated with our initiatives. For this we are very grateful. I have no doubt that her good qualities will allow Roberta to do an excellent job as European Parliament President, which will meet and exceed the expectations at European level.” 

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