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First APS Business talk for 2022 to tackle ESG

Wednesday, 19 January 2022, 13:49 Last update: about 2 years ago

APS Bank teamed up with Tuning Fork to deliver the first APS Business talk for this year. This online event is an off-shoot of the APS talks series, where experts in their field share knowledge to create sessions targeted directly at businesses. Manuele Vagnoli, environmental engineer leading the sustainability pillar at Tuning Fork Advisory (TFA) part of NOUV, will be speaking about 'Sustainable Businesses: ESG integration' on 27th January at 18:30hrs.


Over a span of an hour Manuele will be touching on the definition of ESG, its roots, as well as its relevance in today's world, in reference to international regulatory frameworks such as the Paris Agreement. He will discuss sustainability and ecological transformation from a business perspective, while reviewing the principles of responsible banking. Manuele will be explaining how SDGs should be integrated in business strategy, and highlighting the effects of climate change on liabilities, rating and valuation of a company. He will also talk about local standards and norms, while providing recommendations for transparency and ESG reporting.

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