The Malta Independent 17 May 2022, Tuesday

TMID Editorial: Minister, there’s nothing to discuss on the Marsascala marina

Saturday, 22 January 2022, 08:33 Last update: about 5 months ago

It appears that there is little that can possibly deter the government from pushing through with its plans to build a giant yacht marina in Marsascala Bay.

It appeared that, at least in the past week, the news about the plans for a massive yacht marina in the bay – which would change the characteristics of a whole locality – had somewhat died down as the tendering process continued in earnest.


Protests, mind you, have continued, with residents and environmental NGOs continuing to make their voices heard and to make it clear that Marsascala Bay is no place for a yacht marina.

Marsascala residents in fact sent a letter to the European Parliament and the European Commission last week asking for an inquiry on whether the planned marina is in breach of several EU regulations aimed at combating pollution and protecting marine life.

It was precisely because any official news about the project had died down a bit that this newsroom asked Transport Minister Ian Borg whether there were any updates on the process, particularly given the level of opposition that has been shown.

Borg said that he was “looking forward” to discussing the project plans with the local council and with the local community so that the plans can continue to be improved.

Really and truly, we’re not sure what there is to discuss.  It’s quite clear that such a project has no place in Marsascala and that the people in Marsascala do not want it there.

We only need to quote the results of a survey, published late last year, which showed that 93% of its respondents were against the proposed marina.  The vast majority of the just over 1,100 respondents are Marsascala residents.

And yet, for some as of yet unknown reason, the government continues to insist with ploughing on with these plans.

In doing so, the government is rubbishing any form of environmental credentials that it would like to make people think it has. 

Way back when, Joseph Muscat had pledged that a Labour government would not touch any further ODZ land for public projects.  One wonders what happened to such a pledge, even if Joseph Muscat isn’t Prime Minister anymore.  Maybe this is all a clever loophole because the water doesn’t count as ODZ land.

One cannot claim to care about the environment, and at the same time be more than happy to sacrifice a whole bay and pretty much a whole locality in order to satisfy the needs of those financially happy enough to have a yacht. 

And this is supposed to be a socialist government too – so much for thinking about the little guy and the environment around him.

To us it is quite clear: Minister Ian Borg, there really is no discussion required for this project.  The sentiment in the area is obvious, and it is clear that the only place these plans should be is in the bin.

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