The Malta Independent 17 May 2022, Tuesday

PN is the underdog as PL has ‘public funds to squander’, national TV station is ‘controlled' - Grech

Semira Abbas Shalan Sunday, 23 January 2022, 13:04 Last update: about 5 months ago

The Nationalist Party is the underdog because it does not have millions in taxpayers money to “squander” like the PL is doing and because of the lack of an impartial national broadcaster, said Opposition Leader Bernard Grech in the PN’s political rally in Santa Luċija on Sunday.

Grech also said that the Labour Party in government does not have the public’s interest at heart, but rather focuses on the price one has, not the value


Grech announced that in tomorrow’s Parliament session, the PN’s anti-corruption Bills will have their first reading, as the PN seeks to strengthen the country’s good governance. He said that the government delayed the discussion of the bills out of fear, calling it a ‘gimmick’ and insinuating the package of legislative bills was a money bill.

The PN had again filed in Parliament its 12 Bills splitting it into two groups, the first package including 11 of the PN’s proposed Bills, whilst the second includes the proposal to appoint a special inquiring magistrate on corruption. The magistrate would not need approval to start any corruption investigations.

“The PL is built solely on money and theft, and it is made up of individuals who are only there for their personal interests,” said Grech, emphasizing that the PN is a united party who is interested in the value one brings.

While admitting that his party is the underdog, due to the fact that it does not have the millions of taxpayer’s money which “the PL is squandering in the face of the public,” as well as being bereft of a national television station which is “completely controlled by the government,” Grech said that in contrast, the PN is genuine, sincere and honest.

Grech said that the party supports and communicates with businesses who have been hit by the pandemic, saying that the government has left them to fend for themselves. He added that the PN will be there to help businesses grow and invest, while ministers such as Minister for Finance Clyde Caruana only frightens the sector.

“Prime Minister Robert Abela does not communicate with his people,” he said, adding that he is not focused on helping Air Malta’s staff in finding alternative jobs following the shedding of half its personnel, and does not see to it that pensioners are catching up with the increasingly high cost of living.

The PN leader acknowledged that while it is important for people to take the booster vaccine, he is aware that there are individuals who are fearful, and those who cannot receive the jab for medical reasons and emphasized that they should not be discriminated against.

Grech highlighted the government’s apparent hypocrisy in realizing that the Covid-19 restrictions which came into effect last Monday were too harsh, which was the reason why there was the recent announcement that the measures will be further relaxed in the coming weeks. “They do not know what they are doing, the PL does not have balance,” he said.

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