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Neżisti jew Ngħix? – A Social Breakfast

Ivan Bartolo Monday, 24 January 2022, 10:18 Last update: about 5 months ago

People feeling like they are existing, rather than living, is an increasing reality. One can meet people of different levels of education and from various generations who would say; “I feel more like I am existing rather than living”. This is a social challenge we can meet every day and is symptomatic of a breadth of reasons, which need to be given full attention.

In front of 700 million people who suffer hunger around the world there is a directly opposing 650 million people who are obese, which may reflect bad habits or lack of self-control. Such two extremes reflect the harsh reality of social injustice in the world. While one end of the spectrum indulges in gluttony, the other end is neck deep in problems, where one issue leads to the other and they may end up feeling redundant in the world. Such unfortunate circumstances bring up existential questions and this challenge is most frequently faced by the more vulnerable in society.

Another difficult social phenomenon is a culture where people are labelled subjectively and marginalised by society. People are humans and not objects. Therefore, it is painful to see an egotistical and individualistic culture thriving while seeing people by being discarded by society.

The “lucky” people who do not suffer such treatment can certainly do something about the situation. Some give some monetary donations while others stop short at offering prayers and well wishes. This could possibly be the easy pathway towards doing some good but there is much more to do, and we need to build awareness about it!

We need to go out there and offer ourselves to those brothers and sisters who feel that they have lost the meaning to live and are stuck at simply existing. Expressing concern towards these human beings is the first step towards integrating them back within society, but these vulnerable people need to be given the attention they deserve, they need to be understood, they need a hand and an environment of social compassion and solidarity. We need to hear their cries and help these people move ahead in their lives with dignity.

To address these pertinent realities, I am holding the social breakfast meeting ‘Neżisti jew Ngħix?’ on Friday 28th January 2022.  ‘Neżisti jew Ngħix?’ will be held at the Caritas Malta Headquarters in Mountbatten Street, Blata l-Bajda and will be take place between 8:30 and 11:00. The keynote speakers will be Dr Vincent Marmara – Research Statistician and Lecturer, the CEO of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services – Alfred Grixti, Andre Bonello – Head of Research and Advocacy at Caritas, Her Excellency President Emeritus of Malta Dr Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, Dr Bernard Grech – Leader of the Opposition, Fr Ivan Attard O.P. and Spokesperson for Social and Affordable Accommodation and the Fight Against Poverty, Ivan Bartolo.

This event is intended to provoke thought and reflection about hard situations which exist around us and affect people like us on a daily basis. The speaker line-up consists of representatives of society who know the most vulnerable and touch and feel these realities as part of their daily experiences. We hope to be the change and bear a message towards a society which is more socially just.

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