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Christian Borg used authority insiders to erase €3 million in fines on his car hire company - PN MP

Sabrina Zammit Wednesday, 16 February 2022, 19:54 Last update: about 3 years ago

Alleged kidnapper Christian Borg used two individuals inside LESA and Transport Malta to help erase around €3million in traffic fines which a car hire company which he owned had against it, PN MP Jason Azzopardi claimed in Parliament on Wednesday. 

Azzopardi said that Borg together with the two said insiders, whom he alleges to have been part of a money laundering racket, ran the Goldcar car hire company for six years, starting from 2014. 

He remarked that during these years, up to €3 million in contraventions had been erased. 

During his speech he also raised questions about the kind of relationship that Christian Borg had with the Prime Minister. 

At this point, Azzopardi also gave a list of number plates that he alleges have had their tickets vanished and added that he could give the names of the insiders to the police. 

28-year-old Christian Borg, owner of a car hire and purchase company is one of six people charged last month with the abduction and beating of a man, where he pleaded not guilty. 

In his speech Azzopardi stated that tourists renting Goldcar vehicles and who received traffic tickets while in the country would pay them but the money would never reach its final destination.

The funds would be paid directly to the car hire company when such cars would be returned, where instead of depositing the money to the authorities Borg would give instructions for such tickets to be deleted.

During his speech Azzopardi also alleged that a member of the Prime Minister’s family was seen and filmed in a car registered to the aformentioned Christian Borg, around eight months ago. 

Last week, Times of Malta revealed how Abela together with Borg were involved in a property deal, with paperwork that can be used as a loophole to avoid tax exposure. 

Azzopardi explained how the car, which was a Range Rover, was being driven by a chauffeur with a member of Abela’s family in it. He added that he would not be naming the person in question but that he believes that now the people need to know what the kind of relationship Christian Borg had with Robert Abela. 

The MP revealed how the police also have a recording, which was made by an employee of Borg where he said that they have nothing to worry about as “Bobby” will fix it. He added how he will leave it in the hands of the Police to discover who this “Bobby” is. 

Subsequently Azzopardi also said that after Abela became Prime Minister in 2020,  Goldcar was awarded a tender to provide Transport Malta with 38 low emission vehicles, two self-driving vans and one cargo van, even though the business was not eligible to do so in the first place.


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