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Why users prefer independent iGaming sites

Friday, 18 March 2022, 09:00 Last update: about 8 months ago

It is a well-known thing that online gambling is more than just popular. It is becoming more and more popular as we speak and this trend will last indefinitely. A real question here is why so many people love to gamble online. There are a few reasons and now we will explain all of them below.


The first and the best reason here is overall simplicity. See, all you need to have in order to gamble online is to own an internet-capable device and be connected to the web. If you have these, you can gamble. There is no need to travel, pay for accommodation or anything similar. You can gamble from the comfort of your home. 

The overall process of online gambling is straightforward. You can create an account within minutes. You can deposit funds instantly and you are good to go. There are many if not countless payment methods you can use at online casinos to gamble. These payment methods allow the very player to get the perks and simplicity he needs and wants. For instance, you can choose a debit card. You already own a debit card so you can gamble without looking for an alternative. 

Game Count

If you ever visit an independent land-based casino you will see a couple of games or hundred games there. If you ever visit an online casino, you will notice that the website has over 2000 games. Modern online casinos have between 2000 and 4000 games. If we talk about UK players, many of them choose independent casino sites that provide the highest-quality experience to the users. More of them are adding new games as we speak. The count will be much higher soon. 

Overall, standalone online casinos have a massive database of games and players love games. They can play any game in any version they like. This is a huge perk and something they will rank as number one when gambling online. 

There is no need to add that most of these games are slots. But, table games, virtual poker, and live dealer games are becoming more and more versatile. A new independent casino in the UK will have over 200 live dealer games. A real-world casino may have 20 live dealers working. The best part with online gambling is that all those games and all the possibilities at the casino are available as soon as you land on the homepage. 


Bonuses for gambling weren’t a thing before independent online casinos became real. In brick and mortar casinos these promotions are not common or they are very small. Online casinos are stunning. You can get a 300% bonus match on your deposit and get this perk on the first 4 deposits. Now imagine how much money you will get from the casino to play games there and win. This makes independent online gambling more appealing and more profitable than conventional gambling where you can use your money only.

These days all online casinos offer bonuses. They come in countless variations. You can see free spins for slots, crypto bonuses, match deposit bonuses, and more. Most casinos also have regular weekly and daily bonuses which really makes a difference. 

Mobile Gambling

Almost all people use a smartphone nowadays. Well, you can play casino games using your device only. This is not a new thing but one that has become extremely popular, because mobile gaming has many advantages. What this means is that you can create a new account, deposit funds, play games, and withdraw all the winnings using your device only. There is no need to use a computer anymore. 

There are a lot of benefits here. For instance, you can play games while travelling. You can play games while in your bed or at any given moment. Another advantage here is the fact some casinos will give you special bonuses and promotions when you play using a smartphone. This is becoming a rare thing due to the fact almost all players use a smartphone for gambling at some point. 

Cryptocurrency Benefit

You can see that virtual currencies are becoming extremely popular. You can notice that a lot of different currencies are available. These do come with a lot of perks and benefits. One of those is the ability to use them for online gambling. A player will deposit funds using his e-wallet where he will keep the virtual currencies. He will get a massive bonus as well.

Once this is done, a player can play independent games normally and win money. He can withdraw the funds afterwards. There are no major differences here compared to traditional gambling using fiat currencies. But, there are a few advantages. Players will get anonymity 24/7. All of the transactions are free and they are instant. You can even win virtual currency and trade it to make even more profit. Casinos that run independently and accept virtual currencies are countless these days. You can see a lot of names on that list.

Keep in mind that using a virtual currency to gamble online is slightly different from using ordinary currency. You need an e-wallet for instance. However, all of this is a simple thing and you will understand and master it within hours hence it is not a real reason you should avoid using virtual currencies for gambling. 

The Final Word

In the end, we can see that a lot of players love playing at brand new independent UK online casinos due to the overall simplicity, benefits, and perks they can get here. This kind of business is extremely popular nowadays and companies do everything to improve the experience. Players have a lot of options when playing online and this is not something they can get while playing at a land-based casino. 

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