The Malta Independent 26 June 2022, Sunday

The secret to keep moving forward together is unity, Abela says

Kevin Schembri Orland Sunday, 20 March 2022, 18:02 Last update: about 4 months ago

The theme of the Labour Party’s rally on Sunday afternoon was unity, as Prime Minister Robert Abela urged people to go out and vote in the election.

“Just over two years ago, the PL chose me to lead the party. These two years were full of challenges and decisions, where together we gave all our energy for our country. In six days’ time, I will ask the people to place their trust in me as the PL members did,” Abela said.


“There is one common theme between the 2019 internal campaign and now, unity. When the PL members elected me, my first challenge was to keep the party united. I understood that we had to be united to keep the country united.”

He said that he and Chris Fearne came together afterwards. “When the pandemic reached Malta, we were in a position to set Malta on the right direction together,” he said.

Referring to the beginning of the pandemic, Abela said: “Others were calling for a total lockdown at the time, wanting to spend all the money at once. Instead, we discussed, planned and took decisions with the social partners and experts. Time proved us right.” Thanks to the way the government operated, he said, it was even able to allow for peace of mind when a new crisis began.

The Prime Minister spoke about how the country comes together in times of need. “We are strongest when we are united as a country.”

“We came before you with our plan for the coming five years, for education and a more beautiful environment. A plan that we have costed and know how we will implement it, unlike the others who have had five versions of their plan. They still haven’t come out with the final one yet.”

He took aim at the PN’s transport plans. “First, they said they will bring back bendy buses and will jam up the country with one lane-roads. Then they said they will shrink lanes, then they said they will create new ones on ODZ. One proposal, three versions. They continuously show that they are not ready to lead the country.”

“Are you ready to trust them with the future of our nation?”

He spoke about recent surveys. “Every election starts at 0-0. Don’t trust your future in surveys. If you believe the Opposition cannot run the country, don’t stay home. Don’t put your future in their hands. Choose the 1000 proposals we want to implement.”

“There is one secret to keep moving forward together. Unity,” he said. 

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