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Watch: Robert Abela sworn in as Prime Minister, Labour supporters welcome him in Valletta

Sabrina Zammit Monday, 28 March 2022, 09:59 Last update: about 3 years ago

Robert Abela was sworn in as Prime Minister of Malta, at the President’s Palace in Valletta on Monday.

Abela led the Labour Party to a third consecutive electoral victory, his first as PL leader.

Thousands gathered in the capital city in the morning, gathering behind police barriers to increase their chances of taking a selfie with the ‘new’ Prime Minister.


A crowd was also present, waving Labour Party flags, in St George's Square, welcoming Abela with chants and enthusiasm.

Abela took the oath before President George Vella in the presence of his family, MPs and other personalities.

After taking the oath of office, Abela walked from the President's Palace to his own office at Castille, a stretch that took him two hours as he stopped for photos to be taken, shake hands and take a few babies into his arms.

Abela was accompanied by his wife Lydia, wearing a white dress, and their daughter Giorgia-Mae. 


Apart from the expected flag waving, many took to singing the Labour Party’s anthem or shouting ‘Robert Abela’, coupled with horns to make their satisfaction known.

As the Abela Family arrived at Castille, they could be seen waving to the crowd, with Giorgia-Mae waving fanatically with both hands. The three then made their way into Castille, and waved to the crowd beneath from the window.

Many Labour supporters spent the day going around the island with their cars, waving flags and honking their horns.


Present media interviewed various people to discover the reasons behind why Labour Party supporters made their way to Valletta on Monday morning; some of them said they were there because they felt they had to support “all the good he has done”, whilst others said they were there because they were Labourites.

Photo Miguela Xuereb/Newsbook/DOI


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