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Over 160,000 tonnes of waste, recyclables collected last year

Monday, 16 May 2022, 09:37 Last update: about 2 months ago

WasteServ has seen a reduction in all waste streams in recent years. 

The Covid-19 period saw less waste being generated, it told this newsroom. 

Less waste was collected in 2021 when compared to both 2020 and 2019, data available on the Wasteserv website reveals.

163,565 tonnes of waste was collected last year, while in 2020 the amount stood at 176,733 tonnes and in 2019 it stood at 175,546 tonnes. These figures include mixed waste, organic waste and the recyclable green/grey bag.


The statistics show the amount of mixed waste (black bag), recyclables (green and grey bag) and organic (white bag) waste that was delivered to Wasteserv facilities collected by local councils across Malta and Gozo. This includes the amount in tonnes of such waste and recyclables coming from households, offices and shops for instance. However, this newsroom understands that the statistics do not include waste coming from those places which have their own waste collection agreements, such as many restaurants; and others that use private schemes. Those statistics are not available on Wasteserv’s website.

In 2021, 109,532 tonnes of mixed waste, 30,716 tonnes of recyclable waste and 23,316 tonnes of organic waste were collected.

Wasteserv said that although last year was a record year for WasteServ with 19,000 tonnes of recyclables processed, there still remains a lot to be done.

No explanation for the discrepancy between the amount of recyclables collected and those processed was provided in the email.

Wasteserv went on to say: “The public is separating more and there is more awareness. A cultural shift in people's behaviour is taking place, but now we have to increase the pace of this behavioural shift. To divert more waste away from landfills, Malta needs to at least double the current amounts of recyclables.” 

It said that education and awareness are key and WasteServ is planning more educational campaigns on waste separation. 

Meanwhile, WasteServ has launched the ‘Separate right, make our future bright’ campaign with the aim of encouraging the public to separate more, and do so correctly. 

“Key promoters in this are our children. In fact, we have recently started distributing a comic book and a themed board game to all State, Church, and private schools to children in Year 1 to Year 8. It’s important that children start learning about the environment and waste management from a very young age. The comics tell the story of two characters – Commander Yellow and General Buzz – as it follows their transformation into eco-warriors who are ready to defend the environment from a garbage monster that is always creating more and more waste. The themed board game will encourage the children to opt for eco-friendly choices. We have also launched a website where children can learn more about waste management, and the impact it has on the environment.” 



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