The Malta Independent 26 June 2022, Sunday

Government launches #ClimateOn campaign as urgency around climate change increases

Semira Abbas Shalan Tuesday, 17 May 2022, 15:22 Last update: about 2 months ago

Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli launched #ClimateOn, a campaign which takes action against and raises awareness towards the climate change crisis.

The theme of the campaign for this year is ‘Activate Change’ with emphasis on immediate action towards the fight against climate change, Dalli said. The campaign encourages each individual to take immediate action in their day to day lives, including changing attitudes into more sustainable ones.


It will focus mainly on the knowledge and the awareness of climate change, she said.

“Climate change leaves a serious negative impact on humans, as well as the natural environment, which is often times the cause of unsustainable attitudes for the public,” Dalli said. She added that this attitude is resulting in more pollution and rises in global temperatures.

She said that the Mediterranean region is at more risk due to the rising sea levels. Dalli said that immediate action will mitigate the impact of climate change.

The energy minister said that Malta, along with European Union member states, is working towards a goal which reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 55%, referring to the legislative package known as Fit for 55, which is the EU’s plan for a green transition.

Dalli said that Malta has put in place the Low Carbon Development strategy which aims to reduce pollution in the country.

“A big part of this strategy includes the active participation of the stakeholders as well as the need to have better education and knowledge about climate change,” Dalli said.

Dalli said that the campaign will last till October 2022, during which there will be calls and initiatives for action against climate change. This will include research and innovation, technology and sustainable development which will ensure better air quality, the protection of biodiversity as well as strengthening the economy at the same time.

Dalli said that the climate change crisis should be regarded as an emergency which is putting at risk the human life. She encouraged each individual to participate in initiatives.

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