The Malta Independent 13 August 2022, Saturday

43 claims for vehicle damage due to poor road conditions lead to compensation of around €12,000

Monday, 27 June 2022, 18:14 Last update: about 3 months ago

In 2021, Infrastructure Malta received 126 claims for vehicle damages caused by deficiencies on Maltese roads, both arterial and local, totalling to a compensation of just under €12,000, with 43 of the claims being justified, information tabled in Parliament revealed.

The information was tabled by Infrastructure and Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia, in response to a parliamentary question made by PN MP Rebekah Cilia. She asked Minister Farrugia to state the number of claims for compensation made for vehicles damages due to the poor condition of Malta’s road in 2021.


The data given was divided by stating from which location each complaint was made, how many of these claims were accepted and how much compensation was awarded in each case.

Minister Farrugia explained that the 126 claims were investigated, and 43 of them were found to have occurred in arterial pathways or during agency works, and were justified and upheld.

The other cases were referred to local councils because they involved damage to their roads or to contractors responsible for the works that allegedly caused the same damage. There were also cases that were not justifiable. 

Minister Farrugia noted that Infrastracture Malta will consider justified claims for compensation for damages to vehicles found to have been caused by deficiencies in arterial roads under the responsibility of the same agency, or in roads where they are in progress.

Claims for compensation for damage to vehicles caused by deficiencies in residential or secondary roads are forwarded to the respective local councils for their consideration, as the responsibility for the maintenance of these roads lies with them.

Claims for compensation for damage caused by contractors performing road works are forwarded to the contractors concerned, Farrugia said.



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