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From Europe to Dubai: Christiane Dania Creates the World's Most Beautiful Showroom

Wednesday, 3 August 2022, 09:41 Last update: about 8 days ago

The construction sector in Europe is sizable, with so much upside potential for innovators. One way of measuring the size of this industry is by using the Gross Value Added (GVA). This is the GVA of the construction industry as a share of total GVA across Europe. Between 2010 and 2020 the GVA of the construction industry fluctuated between 5% and 6%. The GVA of the construction industry peaked at 5.8% in 2010 and fell to its lowest point of 5.1% between 2014 and 2017. It has subsequently increased to 5.6% as of 2020. 

These statistics go a long way to highlight the importance of the construction sector to the GDP of Europe as well as the evergreen need for construction. 

Among 14 of the member nations of the EU the share of GVA in the construction industry fell between 2010 and 2020. However, many countries also increased their share of construction GVA such as Denmark, Germany and Hungary. In the year 2020, the member nations of the EU with the largest construction GVA were Finland, Lithuania, Romania, Austria and Latvia. All of these nations had a GVA of 7% or more for their construction industries. Additionally, in 2020 in the EU 5.4% of GDP was invested into housing. This share differed drastically from country to country with some nations as high as 7.6% and others as low as 1.1%. 

An important sub-sector of the construction industry is the architecture industry. This industry focuses on the stage of the construction process which involves intense planning and designing. The designing takes the form of both structural design and the aesthetic components of both the interior and exterior of the construction project. In order to complete building, architects need to select the materials and surfaces which will make up the space. Archicover is a curated showroom which features a wealth of both materials and surfaces for every architectural need. 

Christiane Dania on Her Showroom Archicover 

Christiane Dania and her husband Michael Dania are a highly entrepreneurial couple and have combined their passions for travel and luxury materials and surfaces into the showroom Archicover. The Archicover showroom features over 5000 different material and surface samples in a nuanced array of colors. Additionally, the showroom is over 1000m2 to accommodate all of these samples. These samples are available in digital and analog formats to help architects, interior designers and construction planners alike. An entire sample library for a new project can be acquired in a matter of hours in the Archicover showroom. 

In addition to the material and surface samples which Archicover provides, they also feature samples of furniture, lighting and plumbing from well-known manufacturers. This allows the Archicover showroom to function as a one-stop shop for architects and interior designers. This also allows these professionals to evaluate how their chosen materials and surfaces will line up with the other aspects of the construction project. Additionally, Archicover has a workshop which can create new materials and surfaces to order. This means that the level of customization and opportunity for expression is almost endless. 

(Copyright: Christiane Dania)

Christiane and Michael travel the world to find the best surfaces and materials for their customers. They have been to local and international trade fairs for many years to scout out the best materials and surfaces the world has to offer. This experience has benefitted them tremendously as they know quality when they see it. They also have an intimate understanding of what customers are looking for to select the materials and surfaces which will impress architects and interior designers the most. The showroom is not only filled with high quality materials and surfaces but the showroom itself is beautifully presented. 

Final Thoughts 

The construction industry represents a significant portion of the GVA of Europe and this is emblematic of the importance of the industry for both GDP and new building projects. The architecture industry is one of the parts of the construction industry and this is who Archicover caters for. Architects and interior designers should not have any problems finding the high-end materials and surfaces which they are looking for within the Archicover Showroom. And if they do not, Archicover has a workshop in which completely original creations can be made to suit any taste. 

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