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Launch of the Spazju Kreattiv programme 2022/2023 which includes over 560 events

Friday, 16 September 2022, 21:04 Last update: about 9 days ago

A new chapter for Spazju Kreattiv officially commences with the launch of the 2022/2023 programme. The season will comprise over 560 events, including 400 collaborators and 19 creative forms.

This upcoming season will showcase initiatives that tackle various current issues relating to ethical, political, religious and philosophical ideas. All these topics and more will be explored through numerous art forms such as live theatre, art exhibitions, film, music concerts, dance, and more.


Furthermore, this inclusive approach will also be seen in other dedicated strands that range from events for senior citizens all the way to children. In the case of the latter, young ones will be able to enjoy shows with their families and participate in fun activities as part of the ŻiguŻajg season.

The Spazju Kreattiv digital experience will return with a series of selected events designed to improve the programme's accessibility in light of its positive impact from previous years.

This season strives to increase public awareness of art and promote greater participation by presenting more online services such as video-on-demand possibilities, live-streamed discussions, podcasts, virtual tours, and online galleries.

In this regard, the recently renovated website shall act as a platform to preserve the entity's growing legacy by offering a readily accessible digital record of past achievements, including the organisation's art collection.

Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici spoke about how significant these artistic events are, and why it is so important to continue to invest in them. Owen Bonnici explained that "The transnational collaboration that took place today gave both local and foreign artists a sense of community. This shows how resilient the industry is and what can be accomplished when artists from other fields collaborate to create works of art. This is a key illustration of programmes and other projects."

Chairman of Fondazzjoni Kreattività Rupert Cefai stated that regardless of the great changes and improvements happening within the organisation, the original aim is still very well alive. He stated that "With each passing year, our vision continues to expand and evolve. However, our aim remains the same, and that is to act as a fundamental catalyst for creativity in all of its forms. We want to continue developing Malta's creative sector by facilitating a way for artists which allows them to showcase their work."

The Artistic Director of Spazju Kreattiv, Daniel Azzopardi went on to say that this year's programme is especially focused on being linked and connected to present circumstances that the world is experiencing. "As the sector comes to terms with the effects of the pandemic and the ensuing war, we are launching a season of events which seeks to be relevant to the state of world affairs, offer space for creative development, and provide more avenues for networking and public participation", expressed Mr Azzopardi. 

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