The Malta Independent 24 September 2023, Sunday
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Stefano Mallia re-elected as President of the EESC Employers' Group

Saturday, 24 September 2022, 09:39 Last update: about 13 months ago

At its September Group meeting, Stefano Mallia was re-elected as President of the Employers' Group for the second half of the 2020-2025 mandate with a very strong vote in his favour. "I am extremely proud to have been re-elected President of the Employers' Group for a second term.

The strong support that I received from employer representatives across the EU will only make me more motivated to work even harder for employers and enterprises in Europe," Stefano Mallia said thanking the members for their trust and support. "In the past years, we have faced some of the most serious crises ever experienced in Europe and indeed the world. The pandemic which came upon us like a bolt out of the blue saw us face unimaginable situations whereby the world economy was practically shut down with huge economic and social repercussions that spared no country no matter how big or small. Whilst still grappling with the virus which continues to circulate and mutate we are now facing the challenge of a shocking and horrific war right on our doorstep in neighbouring Ukraine," he added.

"This war is threatening the viability of our companies and risks derailing the transition to a green economy which is fundamental if we are to successfully address climate change which remains our number one existential challenge for the medium to long term," he continued, promising to lead the EESC Employers' Group members to play an active role in addressing, with their knowledge and expertise, the challenges ahead. Mallia said he would do so "with the passion and conviction that our unique institution (the European Economic and Social Committee) can provide workable solutions to the many challenges we face today."

Also casting an eye on the local situation, Mallia said “Malta, just like the rest of Europe will face difficult months ahead. As employers we must be fully aware of this and together with the social partners we must enter into an intense dialogue how together we are to face this challenge. Social dialogue in Malta must play a key role in this and joint solutions must be found. We cannot depend solely on the government of the day to continue pumping in millions of euros in subsidies. This is unsustainable and on its own cannot protect us from the wider implications of what is happening around us. Social Partners need to engage and provide common solutions.”

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