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Dr Klown 10th anniversary: Tree planting ceremony at Mater Dei Hospital

Wednesday, 30 November 2022, 12:16 Last update: about 3 months ago

The CEO of Mater Dei Hospital, Celia Falzon, and the President of Dr Klown, Eric Muscat led a tree-planting ceremony and unveiled a plaque within the precincts of Mater Dei Hospital, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary from the setting up of Dr Klown in Malta.

Last year – 2021 – marked the 10th Anniversary of the setting up of the Dr Klown organisation in Malta. It has been an exhilarating journey for many and during these 10 years the Klown Doctors have make a difference in the lives of many – especially in the lives of children in pain, in recovery, the group said in a statement.


This has been possible through the ongoing collaboration between the leadership of Dr Klown and the leadership of Mater Dei Hospital. To commemorate this ten-year journey and relationship Dr Klown planted a Delonix Regia, also known as Royal Poinciana or Red Flame Tree, within the Mater Dei Hospital grounds. The tree’s red colour when in full blossom will be a reminder of the Red Nose that is a signature symbol of Dr Klown as well as the passion of the Klown Doctors and the many carers working within hospital and beyond.

The ceremony included the unveiling of a plaque by the CEO of Mater Dei Hospital, Celia Falzon, and the President of Dr Klown, Eric Muscat and was witnessed by a team of Klown Doctors. Muscat said that ‘the excellent relationship and ongoing collaboration between Dr Klown and the leadership and staff of Mater Dei Hospital make it possible for the Klown Doctors to visit children in recovery and help provide important moments of relief and laughter in circumstances that can sometimes be very difficult indeed.’

‘When the colourful Klown Doctors visit the wards they bring loads of energy that rubs off the children, their relatives and the medical staff that happen to be close by.’ Falzon referred to the positive impact that the Klown Doctors have on the young patients and praised the professionalism and the disposition of all the Klown Doctors that visit Mater Dei Hospital on a regular basis. She said that ‘… although the Klown Doctors do not form part of the hospital staff complement they are treated as such as they are offering a most valuable service that is welcomed by the hospital leadership and the medical personnel alike.’


Dr Klown is an Association registered in Malta with identification number VO/0582 and enrolled as a Voluntary Organisation under the Voluntary Organisation Act (Article 14). The aim of Dr Klown is to help prevent, reduce and alleviate the fears, anxieties, trauma, pain, suffering and stress experienced by hospital clients, their families, friends and caregivers, by encouraging a positive attitude towards their illness through laughter, fun and entertainment. Our volunteers work closely with health care professionals and hospital administration to achieve these goals.

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