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Vigil against abortion held outside Parliament

Wednesday, 7 December 2022, 17:43 Last update: about 2 years ago

Pro-life groups organised a vigil outside Parliament on Wednesday evening.

The groups have been protesting against a bill put forward by the government that would legalise the termination of a pregnancy when a mother's life is at risk, or her health in grave jeopardy.

The vigil follows on from a large protest held in Valletta last Sunday

Throughout the vigil, there was live music and a number of poems about abortion were recited by different speakers.


Peppi Azzopardi spoke at the vigil to advise the crowd not to pass comments when the MPs come out of parliament as they were trying to pass on a peaceful message.

Miriam Sciberras from the Life Network foundation was the main speaker, and said that they have gathered outside parliament as they want the MPs to notice them.

"This clause legalises abortion," she said, in reference to the government's bill.

She was asking for the MPs to listen to the doctors, academics and organisations who are warning about the loopholes this bill has.

The main issue she pointed out was that the word "health" was vague, and without clarifying this word abortion will become legal. She mentioned how the Medical Association of Malta has expressed its concerns about the vague wording in the clause.

She praised Malta's medical professionals who are of the highest standard and pointed out how there have been no medical professionals who have been punished for trying to save a woman's life.

She also mentioned psychiatrists who have come out saying that abortion is not the way to treat mental health issues during pregnancy.

"Doctors are protected today, it is their duty to save lives. Therefore, they are protected to carry out their work."

She clarified that whilst they are fighting for the rights of the unborn child, they are also in favour of protecting the mother in extreme circumstances when her life is at risk.

She spoke about the importance of having a respectful dialogue and condemned those who verbally abused people for being pro-life. Here, she defended the church and emphasised how it should still be respected for all the good work that it does.

Lastly, she said that this debate should rise above political parties, as this was a bill dealing with life.


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