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If you have something on your mind and you are not sure whom you can trust, who can listen to you right now, or who will understand you, we are here for you!

Individuals may struggle with several issues however some that may be mentioned are: anxiety, stress, bullying, family/peer problems, loneliness, gender identity, sexual awareness etc.

ADVERTISEMENT wishes that all individuals are safe, respected, dignified, feel well and have the ability to acknowledge their goals and potential. The operational team provides individuals with emotional and psychological support and is here to support anyone in their journey towards their achievement.

This support works on a 24/7 one-to-one basis and is real time which means that one will be able to speak to a real person who tries to respond immediately. The team consists of professionals such as counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers etc., who have undergone training and have experience in listening and supporting young people.

When communicating with, one will be able to remain anonymous and all information remains confidential. If contacted through our online chat, one will generally not be asked for personal information or share what has been told outside our service boundaries, unless there is a firm belief that one is at a high risk to self or others. If contacted through

The team may be contacted through our online Chat, Email, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram and Telegram – so feel free to reach our professional team in any way you prefer.

To chat with us, firstly clients will be asked a few automated questions, which include their nickname, their preferred language (English/Maltese/Ukrainian), their gender and age and to select their current mood. The chat will then be transferred to a professional kellimni team member and will respond within a few minutes.

The website also offers the “Inform Yourself” section. This can be helpful if either one needs more information or may not yet feel comfortable interacting with a professional. This section includes articles and videos surrounding many issues.

The service also provides individuals with One-to-one Online Counselling Sessions. This is available for individuals who are 16 years of age and over with up to approximately 10-12 free online sessions with a counsellor/therapist through a specific online platform. This gives one a safe space to open up with a professional about what they are going through and work towards their personal goals.

All our services are completely free since we are funded by the Ministry for the Family, Children’s Rights and Social Solidarity. is a funded project run by the NGO SOS Malta, who are full members of the Malta Health Network. It is manned by a team of professionally trained operators ready to support you.



Case Study

“I am feeling so run down. At home, my parents are constantly fighting, and I often get caught in the middle of their arguments. At school, I carry my worries with me, and this makes it difficult to concentrate during class. Exam time is coming up soon, and I’m feeling the pressure of all the homework I must do, private lessons I need to go to and all the subjects I must study hard for. I stay up at night worrying about how things will turn out and at school I started keeping to myself during break because I’m afraid of what my friends might think of me if they see how stressed out, I’m feeling”.

We all experience stress at some point or another during our lives, as children, teenagers and even adults. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase “I’m so stressed!” and may have also been the ones feeling that way.

Even though we all experience stress, the way we experience it differs from one person to another. What may cause stress to me might not be so stressful to someone else.

Stress can take on different forms. It does not only affect the way we feel but can also cause changes in our body. Emotionally we may feel confused, anxious, worried, and overwhelmed. Physically stress can cause headaches, difficulty sleeping, acne outbreaks and stomach aches. Stress can also influence our behaviour. For example, it may lead to overeating or drinking too much alcohol.

Wow, all those things can be related to stress!



5 Tips on Managing Stress

1.     Exercise! A little bit of exercise added to your routine can go as far as reducing sleeping problems; increased heart rate and anxiety linked with stress.

2.     Change your perspective! The way you look at a situation can determine how stressed out it leaves you feeling. Taking a step back and viewing a stressful situation as a challenge rather than a threat can help you in feeling more mentally and psychologically prepared to face it.

3.     Breathe! Deep breathing techniques can help the body achieve a calmer state. Focusing on your breathing can help you feel more grounded and in control.

4.     Listen to yourself!  Become aware of what your body is trying to tell you. If too much stress is causing you to feel tired and run down, your body might be telling you it is time to slow down a bit and take care of your well being needs.

5.     Reach out for support! Research suggests that social support helps people feel less stressed and improves health. Call up a friend, talk to a family member or come and chat to us here at Kellimni.


Rachel Scicluna is Service Coordinator at




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