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After him, the deluge

Noel Grima Sunday, 5 February 2023, 08:09 Last update: about 3 months ago

We ought to have taken notice when Daphne warned us, but we didn’t. There was something more than strange when San Anton sprouted celebratory plaques to commemorate private events in only one of our first families along with similar events in the life of Queen Victoria.

The George Abela family, put there by a misguided Gonzi administration, has now given us Robert Abela who got to step in the shoes of Joseph Muscat because, he said, he would not allow a dastardly plot (meaning a Chris Fearne premiership?) to take place.


So, in its place, we now have the Robert Abela administration which, as he keeps telling us Sunday after Sunday, is miles better than any other, including its predecessor.

Last Sunday was not just a case in point but possibly reached heights never seen before.

The institutions are working, he boasted, especially the police and the forces of law and order.

This declaration was promptly submerged by a chorus of dissidents who listed chapter and verse the many instances where the rule of law has been infringed. Where the police have been less than efficient in going after the criminals, where certain people have received protection, where innocent victims were not protected. The list of such cases is a very long one and readers can find it on many websites.

Then Robert Abela, being Robert Abela, went one further. He referred to a conversation which must have been a private one, between himself and a female member of the judiciary.

That such exchanges do happen is well known but no head of government has ever admitted to one. The doctrine of separation of powers prohibits them and that member of the judiciary must be living in terror because at least theoretically she could be removed. At the very least, she is terrified Robert Abela can any time reveal her name. Now if she gets a case with the government as one of the parties can we guess which side she will jump?

I said such exchanges do happen. The head of government has many ways of expressing disapproval or of putting pressure. There have been cases of phone calls. But there have also been cases where the member of the judiciary involved refused to obey, to his everlasting honour. But such cases are rare.

There was absolutely no need for the prime minister to come up with this titbit. That he did shows how callous and careless he has become in power. There would be those who might say he has always been like this.

It is worthwhile to consider the accompanying circumstances. The country was still reeling after the death of a foreigner run over on her 30th birthday at KFC in Gzira.

The country is still engaged in a debate on what has become known as the abortion clause which has the potential of blowing up the whole country.

The country was about to be told it has continued to slide down the corruption index.

And here was the head of government doing harakiri at this juncture of the national life.


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